Ophelia Benson: "Everything is YOUR FAULT! You have a PENIS."

Would that this had the honesty of deliberate satire –

Butterflies and Wheels was established in 2002 and has (not surprisingly) evolved since then. At the beginning it focused mainly on various kinds of pseudoscience and epistemic relativism, aka postmodernism. The latter prompted an increasing focus on moral or cultural relativism and a defense of universalism and human rights. This in turn led to concern with the chief opponent of universalism and human rights, which is religion. This then led to interest in the backlash against overt atheism.

Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s a Münchhausean self-appraisal from an intellect that’s a cold carcass on a slab having overdosed on way too much mind-killing belief. (more…)

Ophelia Benson: "THIS is all YOUR fault, you MISOGYNIST!"

What misogyny needs is an equivalent term to erectile dysfunction. Y’know, when demands are made of you to perform, but no matter what you do, you just can’t live up to expectation. There is no desire, no motivation, no interest and your misogyny just droops like overcooked bok choy. No amount of coaxing or lecturing or scolding, no amount of screaming about how monstrous you are, nothing works.

Truth be told, I do feel like a failure at this game. I am certainly no Skeptifem when it comes to raw hatred. I can’t even catch up with Ophelia1, who gave us a lesson in a now heavily redacted and watered down earlier spray at collaborators she feels betray her and the rest of the “real” feminists. (more…)