Random Echoes In My Head


20111028 – Just What do You Mean by Antichrist?

20111028 – Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell

20111022 – rebel yell

20111020 – kuntz

20110922 – freak

20110305 – roadrunner

20110222 – old fashioned love song

20110217 – the man who sent shotgun cartridges to the dandy warhols

20110211 – love will get you like a…

20110204 – the truth about rock’n’roll

20110201 – animal mentality

20110130 – someone else’s version

20110129 – twist and shout

20110126 – gotta keep sweeping

20110125 – stained sheets

20110123 – american woman

20110121 – “i save cigarette butts for a poor girl across town. we were making marriage plans and some guy came over and took her to a wrestling match”

20110118 – this is pop

20110115 – don’t nothing hurt me like my back and sides


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