Yes, you can use my talents for good instead of evil. I am quite happy to consider commission based work on any subject, providing it is not ideologically or ethically deranged. I am a whore for sale, just like The Naked Emperor, only I actually do have some principles. Standard rates as recommended by the Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance are a rough guide to pricing – see Freelance Rates (.pdf). Prices are negotiable and will tend towards an inverse relationship with my degree of interest. Happy to consider –

  • Proof-reading
  • Editing
  • Research
  • Ghost writing
  • From scratch pieces
  • Helping you develop your own work

My resume is this site. Beyond that, I was a propeller head in private sector R&D and IT consulting for 10 years apiece, and done more odd-job shitwork than I can be bothered listing or you’d have the stomach doing.

So take me. I’m yours.