Julian relates the following anecdote: “Once when Diogenes was in a crowd of people, a certain youth farted. Diogenes poked him with his staff and said, ‘And so, vile wretch, though you have done nothing that would give you the right to take such liberties in public, are you beginning here and now to show your scorn of opinion ?'” Here Diogenes himself explains indirectly the Cynic method for criticizing conventional opinion: he regards the fart as social comment, equal to outspokenness or any other form of human expression of dissatisfaction. Diogenes attacks the young man not for the act of farting in public, but for farting in public without expressing contempt for society. The Cynics: The Cynic Movement in Antiquity and its Legacy


“What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others.”

Diogenes of Sinope

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    1. Shivam Says:

      Other bloggers, like PZ Myers, or myeslf, have managed to close comments on threads where these misogynist or hateful views were expressed, why not Abbie Smith? And the answer, Dingbat, is because Abbie does not believe in manipulating opinion and creating historical revisionism through censorship, rewriting of other’s posts, and outright banning. Are you really so indoctrinated and whipped that you cannot understand that you are a victim, yes that’s right, a victim of ideological fanaticism?Rawsnack also said: I don’t like doing this. But it’s gone too far. And it’s time now to finally say No. Aw, c’mon, quit the lying. You love doing this. It gets your froth mouth flowing like the mighty Mississippi dreaming about silencing and libelling anyone with whom you disagree with.You and your ilk are really funny. On the one hand you scream bloody dudgeon about how evil ERVites are trying to destroy the career of and silence Watson (misrepresentational falsehood), and then you immediately turn around and try to launch an online smear email campaign to SILENCE someone with whom you disagree. Rarely has the pot been so kettled.

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