Ophelia Benson: "THIS is all YOUR fault, you MISOGYNIST!"

What misogyny needs is an equivalent term to erectile dysfunction. Y’know, when demands are made of you to perform, but no matter what you do, you just can’t live up to expectation. There is no desire, no motivation, no interest and your misogyny just droops like overcooked bok choy. No amount of coaxing or lecturing or scolding, no amount of screaming about how monstrous you are, nothing works.

Truth be told, I do feel like a failure at this game. I am certainly no Skeptifem when it comes to raw hatred. I can’t even catch up with Ophelia1, who gave us a lesson in a now heavily redacted and watered down earlier spray at collaborators she feels betray her and the rest of the “real” feminists.

The one lesson about all of this Elevatorgate idiocy that we can all agree on is that no one knows quite how to hate women properly more than other women. It is a humbling experience – especially after being lectured for decades to the contrary. Face it, the boys are a bunch of pussies. Most of them couldn’t “hate” their way out of a wet paper bag. You need to have a cunt to be a cunt. This is the message that ladies like Ophelia bring to the table.

What is most charming about Ophelia is her sheer bloody minded determination to climb to the top of the Watsonista dung heap to claim the tiara of clown princess for herself. Take this comment for instance, probably cappuccino in hand and most likely slapped out on a Mac –

Ophelia expresses the weariness of the Watsonista Long March


Exquisite. This is buffoonerybuffoonery – it’s reaching for the stars. This item is –

  1. replying to her own blog post
  2. the blog post is in response to Becky’s latest martyr’s song
  3. and it’s content consists of little more than a complete cut-n-paste of Becky’s whining padded out with substance-free token dung missiles like this –

That’s when Franc Hoggle isn’t vomiting his hatred all over the undead ERV thread on the subject.

I would ask what hatred that would be, but I’m overcome with futility even thinking about it.

So let me get this straight Ophelia –

Becky launches an epic new whine with violin chorus to simultaneously reiterate her innocence and intolerable suffering, at the same time taking the opportunity to publicly shame some folks she forgot about the first time around; you then re-blog it, largely by just copying her droning verbatim, pissing on Abbie Smith some more and adding a bucket load of “hate” variants because there aren’t anywhere near enough yet; then you bitch about it not going away2? Is that correct? Must be a slow day in baboon land.

The complete thing is here –

What misogynists call outspoken women

What can you say? Secular flagellants in manufactured crisis hairshirts plying their trade, doing the only thing they know how.

For neuro-masochists, I recommend the comments section. There is even a special guest appearance from the Baboon King himself.

1 – It should be noted that Ophelia has now also moved her digs behind the Iron Curtain to the new Baboon Palace. If you’re in the mood, you can sue her for false advertising over this. She seems to equate “epistemic relativism” to pseudoscience (bad), yet she builds her entire world on it.

2 – If there was a single consistent bone in Ophelia’s body, she’d be taking it up with the pudgy pink one and the über-baboon for taking their whine-fest freakshow to USA Today just over a week ago. Yeah, that’ll really calm things down. Especially by talking to a woman that writes books on faith healing and prayer quilts.