This just makes me feel warm –

George W. Bush calls off Europe visit after arrest threat over torture of terror suspects

HE WAS once mocked for his scant foreign travel. Now George W. Bush faces the prospect of a retirement confined to the United States after the cancellation of a trip to Switzerland amid fear of being prosecuted for torture.

The former president’s first trip to Europe since leaving office was called off after human rights groups lodged a complaint with the Swiss courts urging that he be prosecuted under international laws forbidding torture. [full article]

The chances of an arrest and conviction are zero. But it is nice to see someone like Bush, born and raised to feel bullet proof and that those ordinary rules apply only to ordinary folk, realising that no, maybe he is not untouchable and that maybe, just maybe he really is a criminal. And having enough of that doubt and fear that he won’t risk travel.

It is better than nothing.