My best friend in high school died last Sunday. He flew a hang glider into a cliff.

This did not surprise me. If he died in a car accident or of a heart attack, that would. But hang gliding into a cliff didn’t.

He took a detour into fairy land and new age woo. Started calling me a “once born” for laughing at his crap.

None of that matters. He was a good natured imbecile that never harmed anyone as far as I am aware. His friends somehow located me to inform. I said I knew and passed on condolence.

I suspect if he wanted to choose a way to go, hang gliding into a cliff would be up there.

I have no animosity to you my friend, even though we haven’t spoken for decades, and my memories of you are mostly fond. Even when you were an utter dick.

Peace if there is anything left of you listening.

This is the punchline to a rather lengthy exchange between antivaxxer loon and a non-idiot I found in the never ending battle. Just thought it was amusing enough to preserve –

Erwin Alber: Mauviette: I don’t really want to offend you, but your comment shows how clueless and ignorant you are.

Mauviette Plagiaire: You offend me by being a superstitious villager. You offend me by your pseudo-religious yearning for a new Dark Age ruled by witchdoctors. (more…)

Samuel Hahnemann

Samuel Hahnemann: crank-in-chief; hater of coffee

If homeopaths called themselves placebo therapists, nobody would have a problem with them.

This is not a flippant observation, nor one that is openly contemptuous despite the fact that homeopaths go out of their way to invite contempt. Placebos have been seen to show actual therapeutic benefit in some cases in controlled experimental environments and have approximately the same success rate as homeopathy. It’s all there in the 1000’s of independent research papers that the closed minded, communist fascist BigPharma controlled scientific community is apparently suppressing.

There is also another major benefit that could be realised if water quacks called themselves placebo therapists – they would be perceived as being honest. The honesty would be beyond dispute and it is a universally admired trait that money simply can’t buy. Unlike homeopathy “degrees” which have the same academic prerequisites as getting a boob job and for the right price can be purchased anywhere.

It’s quite the little industry too. If you are going to build a career in parting fools and money, you have to get hands on expertise in being the fool who money is parted from. (more…)

Contrary to popular belief, there are enormous inherent dangers to the seemingly safe and natural practice of homeopathic therapy. In fact, every year thousands of innocent people fall victim to the tragedy of accidental homeopathic overdose.

They drown.


All jokes aside, whilst the best response in most cases to the alt.medicine brigade (entirely impervious to reason, shame and common decency) is ridicule, it has to be remembered that the industry as a whole is entirely complicit in largely unpublicised, yet extremely widespread needless misery, suffering and death.

The abuses range from the extreme where a couple allowed their baby daughter to die of eczema (try and think of a worse way to die) by withholding conventional medical treatment and opting for homeopathy (more…)