This is the punchline to a rather lengthy exchange between antivaxxer loon and a non-idiot I found in the never ending battle. Just thought it was amusing enough to preserve –

Erwin Alber: Mauviette: I don’t really want to offend you, but your comment shows how clueless and ignorant you are.

Mauviette Plagiaire: You offend me by being a superstitious villager. You offend me by your pseudo-religious yearning for a new Dark Age ruled by witchdoctors. You offend me by being an active player in a primitivist death cult that is now achieving a serious body count from diseases that were, until you started disinforming, running at zero incidence. Most of all, you offend me with your stupidity – by having a cauterized cognitive system which renders objective information invisible and seeks that, and only that, which confirms your premeditated conclusions. You offend me by being a reality reverse engineer.

You, like Jenny McCarthy, are complicit in murder.

You do not merit any serious consideration from any being that is autonimous and sentient. You do however, along with the whole miasma of alt.everything, merit consideration as a serious danger to our species.

There is no defense against incoherence. Jefferson is right (as usual) –

“Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions.”

Same can be said for rudeness (so fuck you Plait). Sometimes it is not only an option. It IS the only option.

[Erwin Alber is founder of ‘tardbooks Vaccination Information Network (VINE). Yes, they do all blend into one after a while.]