My best friend in high school died last Sunday. He flew a hang glider into a cliff.

This did not surprise me. If he died in a car accident or of a heart attack, that would. But hang gliding into a cliff didn’t.

He took a detour into fairy land and new age woo. Started calling me a “once born” for laughing at his crap.

None of that matters. He was a good natured imbecile that never harmed anyone as far as I am aware. His friends somehow located me to inform. I said I knew and passed on condolence.

I suspect if he wanted to choose a way to go, hang gliding into a cliff would be up there.

I have no animosity to you my friend, even though we haven’t spoken for decades, and my memories of you are mostly fond. Even when you were an utter dick.

Peace if there is anything left of you listening.

Threw the old man in a hole in the ground because we’re not allowed to burn him because that’s what catholics do and we are the one true orthodox faith and catholics are cunts and whatever they do is wrong. That fucking hole has cost $14,000 so far and that’s not counting the idolaters monument which will be another 5-10 grand. Death is for capitalist pigs. Fuck this. I’m leaving my corpse to necrophiles or US miiltary ballistics testing. Seriously. Fuck this. The cunt’s dead and we have to shit money. Fuck off. Cunts.

Wave at The Reaper and he will call.

Old man’s a carcass that somehow is still breathing.

Xmas eve collapsed on his walking frame. No motor function whatsoever. Picking that up off the floor is not as easy as it sounds. Body is like a bean bag and it groans in pain when you lift wrong part unable to articulate what’s wrong. He was dehydrating but could not drink and belly was like a ripe watermelon from accumulated urine he could not pass. Called ambulance. Excellent chaps. They got him off floor and moved him to bathroom and all of his bowels exploded mid way. Sorry no YouTube.

Hospital. Steady shutdown. No longer even sipping water, let alone food. Body shutting down. First legs, then voice, then hands. Now eye contact has gone too. Here’s the shtick – if you don’t shoot a sick dog it’s “cruelty”. But prolonging this bullshit is “god’s will”. Fuck you all. A heroin shot. Some purple haze. Game over. Quick easy and pleasant. But no… We have to torture all involved.