Contrary to popular belief, there are enormous inherent dangers to the seemingly safe and natural practice of homeopathic therapy. In fact, every year thousands of innocent people fall victim to the tragedy of accidental homeopathic overdose.

They drown.


All jokes aside, whilst the best response in most cases to the alt.medicine brigade (entirely impervious to reason, shame and common decency) is ridicule, it has to be remembered that the industry as a whole is entirely complicit in largely unpublicised, yet extremely widespread needless misery, suffering and death.

The abuses range from the extreme where a couple allowed their baby daughter to die of eczema (try and think of a worse way to die) by withholding conventional medical treatment and opting for homeopathy, to the nauseatingly commonplace of convincing parents against vaccination and thus causing the reemergence of diseases that were entirely under control – as seen with recent resurgence in western world child deaths from measles and whooping cough1. There is no “nice” way of looking at this – these cranks are all accessories to murder. They kill. It’s really no different to if they ran a lottery across day care centres to select random children for ritual sacrifice at the altar of enlightened new age living. They kill. They are murderers. Bill Gates, who lately is making it impossible for me to keep hating him, puts it so beautifully on CNN when Dr. Fraud was mentioned –

Well, Dr. Wakefield has been shown to have used absolutely fraudulent data. He had a financial interest in some lawsuits, he created a fake paper, the journal allowed it to run. All the other studies were done, showed no connection whatsoever again and again and again. So it’s an absolute lie that has killed thousands of kids. Because the mothers who heard that lie, many of them didn’t have their kids take either pertussis or measles vaccine, and their children are dead today. And so the people who go and engage in those anti-vaccine efforts — you know, they, they kill children. It’s a very sad thing, because these vaccines are important.

There is a production line for this nonsense and it is beyond any kind of comprehension. There are people who still hold Andrew Wakefield up as some kind of hero and saviour even after he is busted completely –

and an endless list of other criminal nonsense. The fact that Wakefield can walk away from all of this and still have a mass of credulous supporters is the modern day equivalent to approximate the infinity of stupidity that Voltaire would use if he were alive today (he was originally taking aim at religion).

Still, I have to admit I am a hopeless addict for derangement of all flavours and lucky for me I have a direct link to the most reliable dealer in the world, the ‘net, so there’s never any risk I’ll run dry. But every now and then I get a site that differentiates itself in some way and I get all like a puppy dog with a fresh bone. Such a site is –

Viewing as much nonsense as I do, I think you develop a kind of radar for the stuff that’s beyond just run-of-the-mill crank. There’s nothing immediately apparent to make it stand out, but you get this kind of immediate tingle telling you you’re onto something special. You just know.

And it normally takes some forensic examination to confirm your first impression. This site is a classic example –

  • First up, it’s devoid of any real “who we are” information. No names, no locations, no “about” page, no administrative contact, nothing. This alone separates it from other crank pages who scream who they are at you.
  • No email address, just a webmail form with mandatory fields and no privacy policy. They want your info but won’t say what they do with it.
  • Bogus testimonial page (including someone miraculously cured of AIDS). Only found it by accident while looking for meta-data in the site page source (and they don’t even have any of that). Its a link they forgot to link and forgot about altogether I think, and may even just be a copy of junk from another equally bogus testimonial page that is linked at the bottom.
  • The whole site looks like an out-of-the-box junk business web platform, the kind that sells custom Birkenstocks to lesbians. It’s the basic kind of fill-in-the-blanks site package any reetard can assemble and own for $4.99/month. Quick nslookup and sure enough, it is (they are being ripped off).
  • And the dead give away is the word “truth” – it’s guaranteed you’ll get anything but, rather you’ll get some kind of sophist presentation to massage your opinion in the correct direction. When they give that away so early in the piece, you know you have a live one.

In short, it just reeks. My very first thought was that it reminded me of the now defunct, an antivaxxer / homeopath site set up for ambulance chasing lawyers in the event of anticipated thiomersal vaccine preservative litigation cases that failed to materialise. It looked and felt identical.

Now normally I would have just trusted my gut and not dug around to confirm anything were it not for actually looking at some of the content.

It’s mission statement is clear –

THERE ARE A NUMBER OF GROUPS with an economic interest in discrediting homeopathy spreading false information about it. This website was created to make sure consumers know the facts about homeopathy.

This website is about setting the record straight.

Wow. I’m a big fan of clarity. Which is good, because there is more “clarity” further down whetting our appetites for what we can expect from the site –

Look for future pieces on who’s really behind the “skeptics”

In fact, there is a taster sample available right now –


Scientism. It’s a relatively new kind of quasi-religious mania that’s associated with a notion of evidence-based medicine that has very little to do with real scientific studies and everything to do with a pop-culture obsession. It denies the existence of an evidence base it doesn’t like, and creates a mythology of an evidence base where one doesn’t really exist. Sound fascinating?

Not a very auspicious start. Whoever wrote it should really look up “scientism” in the cesspit of lies first before throwing it around. It is used primarily by scientific philosopher’s to criticise science itself when it slips into sweeping generalisation or the application of scientific disciplines in areas where they have no validity. It is a pejorative for a kind of ruthless self-criticism that I doubt ever gets applied at any homeopath union meetings. And it never will for fear of imploding in a puff of illogic. Rather, I think the term as it is being used here is borrowed from the bastardised usage of young earth creationists, which would be more fitting – mumbo-jumbo borrowing from mumbo-jumbo. It seems god-botherers, and homeopaths, are incapable of framing any kind of concept unless it’s in terms of “faith”, so naturally, real science is a completely incomprehensible alien species. It is heresy.

It only gets better from here –

In the past number of years many of us have encountered websites and posts from people who belligerently and rabidly attack any form of medicine that doesn’t revolve around drugs and surgery, ie. conventional medicine. The word “quackery” gets thrown around a lot. So does “placebo”. And “evidence-based,” as if homeopathy wasn’t, right from the start… Suffice it to say that there really are people who spend a lot of time and energy attacking homeopathy from the sidelines of the Internet and in print. They call themselves “skeptics”. Who are they and how did they originate?

Just be done with it and call us “assholes”. I know you want to. Strap yourself in, the real ride is about to begin

The skeptical movement is an offshoot of the Communist Party.

Well bugger me. Somebody should tell Socrates.

Its top organizers were hired by pharmaceutical company and medical industry representatives to recruit malcontents in bars to spread hate propaganda against non-conventional medical systems. One of the first such skeptic groups referred to itself as “Skeptics in the Pub”. Not surprisingly, their rants against Homeopathy sound like the drunken cacophony of soccer hooligans.

You can’t make stuff like this up. It takes “faith”.

Media skeptics frequently and fraudulently make claims that there are “no studies” that support Homeopathy (or any other non-conventional treatment) and therefore no evidence to support its efficacy. This is, to put it plain, a lie. As well as 200 years and roughly 25,000 volumes of clinical literature, there are almost 200 random controlled trials that indicate a positive outcome for Homeopathy

But there aren’t. Not a single one. Anywhere. You could have 25 trillion pages of “clinical literature”, but if they’re all full of random numbers and irreproducible shit, there’s still nothing. Proof by verbosity is not “proof”. As Tim Minchin so wonderfully says – “What do you call alternative medicine that works? Medicine.”

This stuff is quite simply amazing. It’s a psychedelic collection of the “very worst of…” derangement2 that possibly even sincere homeopaths would want to distance themselves from.

The aim of this site is more than just the simple, pro-homeopathy agenda we are all used to. It picks right up from Deepak Chopra’s timeless quote –

“No skeptic, to my knowledge, ever made a major scientific discovery or advanced the welfare of others”

and runs with it. It does not simply want to defend against skepticism: it wants to debase it, villify it and present it as that which has no relation to it. It wants to reinvent it as a communist menace and promises more. I mean really? Seriously? Who are these people?

Free speech is a wonderful thing and it is a principle that people die for. It is sacred. The downside though is that it also enshrines the freedom to speak for maniacs. That is the true test for freedom. As such, it is reassuring that sites like this exist and I am all for it. What I am not for is spouting this type of gibberish in a sealed environment where it hides behind a barricade protected from criticism. As noted, the site has no forum, no real feedback mechanism and shrouds itself in what it perceives to be anonymity. There is more than just a paranoid tinge to this furtiveness as can be seen from this statement on the main page side bar –

Note: due to security concerns (basically, our detractors maintain that we are dishonest and therefore are willing to use deceptive and harmful tactics against us) we do not accept offers of volunteer or in-kind help from people we do not know. If you would like to help and are not affiliated with any of the supporting organizations, please make a request through your homeopath. Thank you.

Now I personally think it is unfair. With freedom should come a degree of accountability. You can’t post this kind of deranged, inflammatory, slanderous nonsense and not have the balls (or the tits, as it has been proven to be in this case) to stand by your statements and accusations.

Now homeopaths weren’t exactly the first in line when the brains were being handed out, nor did they come back for seconds when the first helping was not enough. Whilst the site itself is pretty much an anonymous entity, the dirty fingerprints left elsewhere are not. So in the interests of accountability, and from entirely non-confidential and non-protected sources, let me introduce you to your hosts –

Tracy Poizner

Tracy Poizner - Classical homeopath

This is the person that got the ball rolling and is the “official” owner of extraordinarymedicine.orgTracy Poizner, Classical Homeopath, from Kitchener, Ontario. Hi Tracy! Yup it’s a Canuck operation. I won’t give her street address or phone number. That would be stretching a friendship. 2002 graduate of British Institute of Homeopathy. And here I thought the Brits had shut down their crank factories – but then this is a private one, so it must avoid all that pesky regulation and stuff. They seem to have crank shops all over the place. And this is her regular website. Funny name for a homeopath dontcha think? Poiz-ner. Poisoner. Haw haw. Bet you wish you had a dime eh Tracy?

Karen Wehrstein - Jackie of all trades

And this is the person who apparently looks after the content – Karen Wehrstein, another Ontario Canuck (Huntsville it looks like), apparent owner of Homeopathy Centre of Muskoka3, artist, author, science hater and who knows what else. This is her art site. She did have a Daily Kos site too, – but that is no more. Can’t tell if she left or was evicted. Won’t be too hard to find out. There is still some residue there, like this interview.

These are the masterminds behind the great truths their site wants to educate the world about. You have to wonder though, what kind of a “truth” is it that they have to hide themselves from view and sneak around like thieves flinging dung at that which terrifies them and they hate with such a consuming passion.

Thomas Jefferson once said –

Truth is certainly a branch of morality and a very important one to society.

Ladies, there is nothing moral about your behaviour. It follows that your “truth” is not actual truth. If it were, you would not be ashamed of it.

I have just 3 words for you nutcases that would solve all this nonsense forever –

Double Blind Experiment

When you can come back with independently verifiable data using this methodology that proves you can outperform a common placebo, then we’ll start listening.

It’s not asking a lot. It is the most rudimentary procedure for verifying the efficacy of anything. From the word go, that is all that people have asked. From the word go, you have evaded doing this, or concocted elaborately fraudulent procedures you then marketed as double blind “evidence”, and behaved like snarky bitches when exposed and told you’re cheats. Sorry. Not good enough. Either put up – or shut up and stop deceiving the stupid and stealing from them.

Homeopaths are in every respect indistinguishable from the priest classes who think they have a right to feed off society by saving souls. Claiming to have beneficial results when those results are neither predictable nor reproducible, and crying foul whenever stuctured examination confirms it, belongs in the realm of faith, not science. So get used to it and be honest. You’re just another bunch of spooks parting fools and money.

1 – Yeah, yeah, I know. The WHO, CDC and related organisations are all bankrolled and controlled by BigPharma, the Illuminati and the reptile people that live inside the hollow earth. No need to tell me.

2 – There’s another piece on INTELLECTUAL TERRORISM IN SCIENCE – where Dr. Luc Montagnier, doing the more-common-than-it-should-be Nobel Laureate nose dive, is being persecuted by evil, closed minded western scientists because he listens to radio waves emitted by DNA and thinks there’s a message.

3 – Site currently under “re-construction”. Apparently “Specializing in children with Autism Spectrum and related disorders.” Probably chelation therapy and other healthy, natural stuff.