Oh jesus. I just wet myself


Yes I know the Naked One will blame me. No point denying it. But fuck, that made me leak.

Hey, baboon boy! You’re naked! Other people are noticing.

Addendum – Where narcissism becomes paranoia –

Really, I do wish I could be so evil and that there were 25 hours in a day. But jesus chumpy, you need to get over yourself. So, how many readers have walked away in disgust over the last few months? I can’t be all of them. Honest answer is a futile request I know. What a repugnant, paranoid baboon. Keep on blaming me for everything if it makes you feel better. Makes me feel warm inside. (Thanks Spence for the link).

Addendum 2 – Now it’s just getting surreal

Not that the link will last, but here –