Proverb, probably Chaucerian

Good aphorisms never die, they improve with age. Shakespeare expanded on this with his own –

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind.

The gist is the same – third parties are unnecessary when deep inside, you yourself know you are a slime bag. It is this fragile frame of mind that I think is at the core of the relatively modern addition to our language angst – that amorphous, indistinct feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish. That horrid, self-critical voice at the back of your mind that won’t shut up – ever – and who’s volume is in direct proportion to the frequency with which you knowingly transgress the strict moral codes you preach to others while you think no one is looking.

This is the plague of all public moralists, especially the shameless populist ones. Naturally, this leads to hypersensitivity to any kind criticism at all. Everything, no matter how trivial or valid, becomes a personal attack and a subversion of their moral authority. Unchecked, this gives way to narcissism and paranoia – and a cultivated conspiratorial state of delusion where they have become important enough for some kind of they to go out of its way to specifically get them.

"They know I'm naked!"

This process, of course, can manifest in anybody, but the manure that feeds it and makes it truly thrive is the guilty conscience of the knowing deceiver, slanderer, manipulator and, especially, the bully that is used to life at all times going 110% their way.

I guess that I should feel flattered in some way at the growing mythology that seems to be sprouting around me in some of the less critical quarters of the world. I confess I do feel some degree of satisfaction at this – it indicates that I must be doing something right. If the only response you get to your writings is gutter insult, blacklisting, smear, others being guilted by association, and now conspiracy and folklore, you can’t help but have the feeling that you are doing something that needs doing.

Ophelia Benson demonstrating epistemic relativism

The Naked Emperor, of course, was the first cab off the rank, and has been at this for some time now, even coining new language – “it’s a hoggler”, “he’s (always a “he”) hoggling” etc. – to articulate his gnawing angst whenever reality deviates from expectation. The merit badge for outstanding achievement has to be earning a permanent ban from the baboon board and honorary place in its blacklist / Dungeon despite never having participated in any of its daily manure fights.

The Pudgy Pink Princess has followed suit and it has similarly spread to others in the Crisis Factory, most recently the Talking Prune.

I was informed here that apparently the Prune thinks I am some character by the name of Dr. D.E. Cameron, retired that’s been throwing spanners into the groupthink engine –

Ophelia Benson says:

Yes, that’s another possibility; or H*ggle, or…lots of trolls to choose from. (Some of them know how to write better than the Doc though.)

Nice touch how she now modifies my name to H*ggle, which I guess makes it a worse word than cunt, which she has no problem using, especially in sentences that also contain Abbie.

I’m not going to confirm or deny anything to maniacs, but of course I hit google for “Dr. Cameron” and found some nice nuggets he’s deposited at freefromthoughtblogs, which I’ve saved to pastebin along with links in event of the regular purging that goes on there. I suppose again I should be flattered, as it’s quite witty and clever reading, but anyone that has been a reader of mine would be able to say in 2 seconds it’s absolutely not me. I have no chance of hiding my writing style, and I get spotted anywhere by anyone that knows me regardless of disguise – and “Dr. Cameron” is too subtle, too patient, and as far as humour goes, has a much smaller sledgehammer. Nevertheless it is recommended reading.

Of course the first and only response Ophelia ever has is to denigrate. His (or her) writing style in this instance, for lack of anything else. Which is like Mr. Magoo telling Fangio he’s a bad driver – but fully in keeping with Ophelia’s general policy of spit first, think later. Eew. I feel soiled even thinking about the way she thinks, let alone the process that can degrade a sentient being into such a bitter, dried up and mindless old cunt1.

But of course, it all always comes back the the Baboon King – around whom the entire universe rotates. Chumpy too has gotten his dose of “it’s Franc’s fault” out of the way for this week –

PZ Myers says:

I see that Franc Hoggle is still a regular reader of the blog, as “gorblimey”.

Sorry, Franc, the fantasy world in your head is not real.

Pot or kettle this time around? Chumpy, I’m not the one jumping at shadows. Nor selling my dignity to earn the shallow affections of vapid talking pigs – which, ultimately, is what has brought you under the scrutiny you so richly deserve after pumping out bilious demagoguery free from accountability for all these years. Now that you’re expected to be able to back up your chest beating baboonery with substance, you’re getting the paranoid twitches? I suppose that’s all my fault too. Maybe it is. That would make me feel warm inside. But I’m not one to go leaping to conclusions on the strength of the scent of some soiled panties…

The Naked One was referring to some other baboon board blow-in on another of his trademarked yellow journalism tabloid pieces where he again skates into dangerous territory: balancing on that razor’s edge between mindless juvenile titillation and offending the reactionary fembot harpies. But hey, ratings, not integrity, are what count. Damn the torpedoes –

Gotta respect editors

October 15, 2011 at 2:44 am PZ Myers

As a college professor, I am pleased to see a site that monitors and evaluates the accuracy of our work. I speak, of course, of Blackboards in Porn, the site that proofreads the blackboards in the background of porn movies set in classrooms. Somebody has to do it.

Oh dear, you can smell a train wreck can’t you? So could whoever is apparently me –

gorblimey says:

15 October 2011 at 6:46 am

I sense a replay of the Bachmann hotdog incident. It will be all witticism for 40-50 comments, then a skepchick will reprimand you because its “not funny” and its “rape apologist humor” and you and your baboons will turn 180 degrees in “independently minded” unison and start expressing your outrage in chorus. ssdd.

Meh. What is the point of denying anything to those that are convinced of your guilt anyway (hint: I speak the Queen’s english)? Especially when it’s essentially what I said 2 months ago anyway – about that exact Bachmann farce. Where The Naked One extracted cheap frat-boy laughs out of a tragic photo of Bachmann looking like she was about to deep throat a frankfurter – with much hysterical baboon tittering at PZ’s funny… Until a stern reprimand from a fembot, and then a well drilled 180° about face by the entire troop, on the head of a pin, as one. The recriminations began in chorus and Myers, the chickenshit, deleted the post. What a bastion of independent thinking.

And the surprise result here? Exactly the same thing. And to the Big Baboon, this is apparently a prediction that no one on the face of the entire planet could ever, ever make. Except me. It’s my fault. I went and socked his board… OK, if you say so Chumpy. I guess when you’re a sleazy, whore-bag sack of shit yourself, then that is the measuring stick by which you judge all others…

When you live in a sewer, you expect everyone to be as vile as yourself.


The Prune and the Baboon – it really is bad sitcom material. They very much deserve each other and it is entirely a good thing that both are barricaded behind the same iron curtain in the same new Soviet. But it really is a disturbing state of pathological narcissism that believes in its own infallibility and bullshit to the point that it has to concoct fairy tales to explain any criticism they encounter as an unpossible2 aberration.

Both are succumbing to the same habit all tin-pot control freaks have – blaming every anomaly on a predefined enemy regardless of logic. It’s obvious to them that any criticism can only be from an isolated maniac and could not possibly represent the wider community. They are LOVED. It is inconceivable that their behaviour could ever merit criticism of any kind. Like Becky Watson, they consider themselves exempt from the social contracts and conventions that bind the rest of us together in social cohesion. They are above such petty consideration – and the skeptic and godless communities owe them allegiance. They are entitled.

Lucky for them I exist – I can be blamed for everything.

Problem is, I have a wide enough readership to know different. I also have no control over a baboon horde like Myers does – unfortunately the people here and others outside the sealed-from-reality aquarium of freefromthoughtblogs are their own people and act with their own volition. What they do elsewhere is none of my concern and I certainly don’t order them about. I just provide information – which surprisingly, after months of Pharyngudrone dung flinging, has not had one single claim debunked.

Sooner or later, the Prune and the Baboon will have to come to terms with the fact that I am not a deranged loner, and that I am just the tip of the iceberg of the godless and skeptic movements that have had an absolute gutful of the propaganda, slander, bullshit and thuggery from folks that have seized control of the stage and are little more than authoritarian fascists wanting to force their own brand of neo-puritanism and faux morality down everyone’s throats as their own secular sharia.

As a taste of things to come from the Baboon Empire and its hangers on, you can now view existing calls for the censorship and shutdown of a perceived opposing, therefore “enemy”, blog that commits the crime of dissent –



I do think that the buck stops with Abbie Smith, those other clowns don’t have blogs that anyone reads unless they can promote their shit via ERV, so if she closes comments, the haters will fade into obscurity. If it takes a campaign to NatGeo to achieve that, I’m in.

Caine, Fleur du Malsays:


If it takes a campaign to NatGeo to achieve that, I’m in.

Me too.


I have written a post supporting SC’s notion that the escalation allowed to go on on ERV wrt Ophelia Benson has to stop.
(SC, I tried to comment on your blog, but it still not lend itself to commenting easily)

This action is expanded upon here –

National Geographic and Scienceblogs might want to take a look at the ERV blog

Where amongst other deceptive and malicious nonsense, the claims are made that the dissenting parties are not only potential dangers to greater society (equivalent to car bombers), but have been making direct threats at individuals like the Talking Prune. Of course, without any kind of corroboration, but plenty of convenience store quote manipulation.

The picture that is painted is pretty clear – that PZ Myers, Pharyngula, and associated detritus not only do not have anything even remotely to do with mainstream skepticism, atheism or traditional Freethought, but are an authoritarian, pro-censorship, anti-enlightenment cult that want to dictate their perverted faux morality to the various communities involved, and are quite prepared to use whatever means are available to enforce their version of order on the rest of us.

The ball is entirely in your court Myers – either you endorse and support this kind of behaviour, and thereby confirm you are an abject hypocrite and self-serving populist manipulator making a power grab – or you don’t. Simple enough question that demands an answer, and silence will only imply tacit approval.

So which is it Chumpy? You need to come clean.

1Call Ophelia a cunt. There, that’s one item less on today’s “to do” list.

2 – I like the UrbanDictionary definition that distinguishes it from “impossible” –

The state of not being possible simply and solely because prevalent thinking refuses to allow it.