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As predicted, yes there was a spam doing the rounds for the newest poll held at Yahoo! News. It was picked up by Mike Stuchbery about a week ago – and its inevitable existence elicited a largely ho-hum reaction from me and didn’t really motivate me enough to even update the previous blog. There really isn’t that much to be excited about – a bunch of deceitful dirt-bags just conducting business-as-usual, banal to the point of dullness.

But kudos to Mike for capturing and documenting it, because it does need to be recorded and added to the list of Access Ministries abuses against everyone non-Access.

But what the spam does is confirm, yet again, that what Access Ministries and the Australian Christian Lobby really, really, really hate is that the general public so continuously refuses to give them the unanimous fawning love they without doubt deserve. In fact, it peeves them no end that they don’t seem to be very popular with the public at all. Reality conflicts with delusion. There is dissonance.

People possessing self-respect and common decency would, perhaps, reflect on possible causes of this noticeable (and quantifiable, if you genuinely seek to find out) antipathy and consider constructive approaches to address it. However, as repeatedly displayed, both Access and ACL are completely devoid of such traits, and prefer the right man approach to deform reality into submission to their Dominionist manifest destiny – by lying and cheating (because god is OK with that).

But the question regularly arises, from theists and godless alike, what is actually wrong with soliciting supporters to vote in these polls? Occasionally, the question is more barbed and from people that are easily impressed with their own cleverness –

Telling friends about a poll is not evil!, July 4, 2011 at 12:07 pm –  Says:

good for the goose:
From an atheist forum:

“A little help with a poll, please. The government in Australia is inserting religion into the school system. We are fighting it but the theists are well organised. If you can spare a few seconds please swing the numbers back in the favour of secular education. ”

You are mad if you see something wrong in alerting people’s attention to a PUBLIC poll. Would you be happier if laws were enforced prohibiting people from communicating with others about PUBLIC polls? Maybe we could introduce poll-police.

So reddit is an atheist forum? Well bugger me. Astounding. I was unaware our popularity was that ubiquitous. Nobody ever told me… But let’s ignore the nonsense component of this contribution and stick to the question for now. Fundamentally, there really isn’t anything wrong with encouraging supporters to back your cause. Especially when you are sober enough to understand the worthlessness of these types of polls – they are essentially just an exercise between two troops of baboons flinging dung at each other. These polls have no accountability and no measures in place to prevent abuse and stacking (a cookie is nowhere near enough of a guarantee of 1 user, 1 vote).

However, where it does become wrong is in the present situation regarding Access SRI and Chaplaincy – where vast sums of public funding, which could be far better used elsewhere, are being squandered in programs that are not wanted anywhere near as universally as claimed, and fail (deliberately and with premeditation) to provide the kind of services to schools parents were led to believe they would receive.

The blank denials that these programs are anything less than fishing expeditions to ensnare young disciples, too innocent to know better, have been exposed as black lies both by their own words when they think they are away from the public spotlight and by their own “educational” materials [1] [2] [3]. A more honest statement of intent can be found at the site of Access supporters Child Evangelism Fellowship of Australia

Why Children’s Ministry?
Surveys indicate that over 80% of ministers, pastors and key-workers in the
evangelical churches accepted Christ as Saviour aged 12 years or younger. Children who make a decision for Christ early in life, invariably contribute in a positive way to society.  This is why children’s ministry is so important. It is, in fact, the greatest harvest field in Australia today.

They have more than taken the advice most often attributed to LoyolaGive me a child for for his first seven years and I’ll give you the man. They are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts – they are merely trying to lay the foundations for the new Christian Dominion, and children must be captured before their autonomous critical faculties are developed.

The first, and most important, goal therefore is to fabricate the illusion of overwhelming public support. It has to be remembered that Access et al. spray every public white space there is with outrageous claims, such as having 98% support amongst all school principals, and when you spread so much outright bollocks around the place, it is more than just slightly embarrassing to have public opinion polls not reflect it. Hence the panicked spamming and shift worked poll bombing – there are hundreds of millions of dollars and 100’s of thousands of young, malleable minds at stake. Having slimed their way into the education system to the extent they have, it literally is a matter of life and death for them. Trifles such as consideration for parents or concerns of the tax payers footing the bill must under no circumstances be allowed to endanger the coup that is taking place.

That, in a nutshell, is why it is wrong for consent to be manufactured in such a fraudulent manner. This is far more than just a poll – it is justification for industrial scale child abuse and Bernie Madoff scale fraud.

And back to the person that graced me with his/her point of order – quite apart from the unsurprising degree of ignorance in labeling reddit an “atheist forum”, there is simply no comparison between the actions of Access and any attempts to counter-bomb from those that protest Access. There are numerous points this twerp can also perhaps be excused (on the grounds of dumbness) from comprehending –

  • The majority of those protesting Access SRI and chaplaincy are in fact Christians themselves – and many are very notable public figures, and not black-hearted, child-hating atheists
  • These same people do not saturate the media with fraudulent claims and statistics, commission public relations manifestos and trained propaganda mouthpieces
  • I do not endorse this kind of behavior being replicated by those who protest Access – a matter of record here that should be apparent to anyone that has read my articles. I in fact know the person who posted to reddit and did discuss this with them at the time. You do not fight filth by becoming filth yourself
  • The general school child nonsense of “but Johnny did it too!” – pointing this out as some kind of special plea to make Access’ behavior somehow acceptable and thus confirming the general moral destitution of anyone even remotely associated with Access apologetics

A curious side note, it took the “atheists” a few hours to undo several days damage by Access shills in that poll and restore it to what it originally was – 70% against. But the Access sweatshops never sleep – a week of sleepless nights later, long after the “atheists” had given up, Access have switched it back again by long, slow laborious grind and no doubt, this current result is what will be used to propagandise the cause.

The most curious note of all is that the standard item in any theist apologist’s anti-atheist handbook for demonising atheism is by pointing out the allegedly atheist regimes of the communists and Nazis – regimes who all have subsisted entirely on manufactured consent and saturation propaganda. The delicious irony here is that Evonne Paddison and Bishop Hale have far more similarites with Papa Stalin and Kim Jong-il than Richard Dawkins or Bertrand Russell ever could be contrived to have. Hale in particular, when you note the discrepancies between what he feeds the media and what he tells the greater Anglican diocese in internal publications. Such subtleties however are wasted on the drones that comprise Access apologetics.

The history thus far then is pretty clear. Every online poll conducted to date on Access SRI and chaplaincy has consistently returned results negative to the programs in the range of 60-80% against during the first few hours of their existence – possibly the only window of time where actual vox populi results can be seen, before manipulators from either side can get into gear. These results contrast starkly with the repeated claims of Access supporters relentless claims of 90%+ support. Put simply, Access Ministries, the ACL and all involved in promoting these programs are the blackest of black liars that have no consideration for anything other than the promotion of their own agenda and there is no behavior that is too low or unethical to promote that agenda.

Perhaps it is high time for people who claim to be our representatives in government to conduct a real assessment of community sentiment, one with checks, balances and validation. There is a fairly high degree of certainty that the citizens of this country would object quite strenuously to the abuse that is taking place and the squandering of scant education resources in promoting intolerant, fundamentalist superstition at the expense of even basics such as literacy and numeracy. Are there any politicians with a spine left? Ones who actually do have the interests of their community still at heart? It is suspiciously looking as though this corruption has permeated most tiers and areas of government already, as evident in the case of the school in Hawthorn where even a tiny whiff of dissent is being stomped all over.

Again, nothing happens by itself. Are there any politicians left that will listen to community concerns? Have we really, already, sold our collective souls to the new theocracy? It certainly appears that way.

[Anyone who still considers the Access roadshow to be “representative” Christianity see here]