They think they're geniuses now. What a waste.

Perhaps the greatest tragedy to befall avante guano1 was The Residents actually earning enough money to buy real instruments and start believing all the bullshit from music pundits praising their genius.

How to destroy creativity – reward it and relieve it from hand-to-mouth starvation.

The Residents last worthwhile output was probably Diskomo, in my elitist opinion. Ever since then, they have started believing the nonsense that they are artists – and the volume of crap they churn out has grown exponentially to feed the less discerning.

Their music was most interesting when they didn’t know how to play and used trash and toy instruments – not the state of the art electronica they now employ.

This is from their glory days, before their ruin, Third Reich’n’Roll, which also has the best cover of Hey Jude ever  – (more…)