Several folks have asked about the Roseanne Barr image from my previous post. No, it is not photoshopped. It was taken from her own website in August last year. This is 100% a Roseanne production. Quite artistic. Full size reproduced below. It has since been removed from her site, no doubt due to Zionist conspiracy pressure. What a weenie. The article it belonged to however has not. It needs to be read in all it’s unedited glory to be fully appreciated –

jews and other cult victims! (more…)

Roseanne Barr gets swept away by Wagner

OK, let’s talk about hatred shall we?

The Watsonistas certainly do. Relentlessly. In fact, if you take their word for it, outside of Saudi Arabia, the greatest concentration of misogynists and rape apologists on Earth can be found within the atheist and skeptic communities and a woman that attends any of their events and escapes without being sexually assaulted is in a rare minority (and probably a traitor and collaborator).

Perhaps the Watsonista that most openly, honestly and unambiguously expresses the true sentiments of all involved is Skeptifem. While others go to great lengths to disguise their hatreds as concerns, she has no such inhibitions and just lets her venom drip. A great display can be seen in an extended rant against male-friendly women, appropriately titled inside the mind of a gender traitor. It is worth reading this extract with care as there is an unusual observation to be made – (more…)