Or, let’s make Mark Riley accountable.

In a previous post (which you should read to get a grip on why this should piss you off) I went into some length and detail about the conduct of the Seven Network’s “Chief political reporter” Mark Riley and his public humiliation and character assassination of Tony “shit happens” Abbott – who really doesn’t need any assistance. He is perfectly capable of ruining his own reputation and credibility without any outside interference, thank you very much.

As an example of gutter, or yellow, journalism it is unfortunately a drop in the ocean. What makes it stand out is Riley’s senior position at the Seven Network and the sheer cheapness of the sleight of hand perpetrated in order to create a piece of headline hogging trash. Witnessing this poisonous nonsense, it may come as a surprise that there actually is such a thing as the Australian Journalists Association Code of Ethics, but there is [pdf – MEAA_ethics]. It is worth reviewing Mark Riley’s conduct in terms of this code. (more…)

shit happensThere is a very old joke that asks “what is the definition of an oxymoron?”, to which the snappy response is “military intelligence”. I can only trace the attribution for this as far back as George Carlin, but really, it must be older than that. It would not surprise me if Roman Centurions whispered it to each other while in hellish campaigns into northern Europe millennia ago. I would be interested in case anyone knows.

We have cultivated a more up to date equivalent response for this joke, which while amusing, is even more depressing – “journalistic integrity”. The Fourth Estate has fallen into disrepair and is overrun by the Yellow peril who are squatting in it, panhandling product placement and shilling focus group opinion, the journalist code of ethics torn up into handy strips and left hanging in the latrines. (more…)