Yeah. It’s a slow start for the new year. But this is kinda like Caligula wanting to make his horse a consul –

Seriously. It’s like a south American junta pinning medals on each other. Nauseating. And they believe it. 233 votes ::cough::

ManPersondate for all of godlessness.

What a sorry fucking state we’re in.


– War is Peace –

– Ignorance is Strength –

– Freedom is Slavery –


This is at least convenient – having all of the faux morality fascists congregating under the one roof.

The Naked Emperor’s brave new world in the oxymoronically, and pompously, entitled FreethoughtBlogs is growing in leaps and bounds. Recent additions to the tenants list have been –

Butterflies and Wheels – an oasis of tolerance and the epitome of non-threatening environments for women of all philosophies to speak their minds openly, free from fear or intimidation – (more…)