Indignation cafeteria

I no longer find it possible to differentiate the methodology of the catastrophist misandrist fairy tales and hate propaganda of Watson / Greta Christina et al. from that of radical islamists that have a thing about cartoons.

Both do backwards somersaults to tenuously manufacture crises out of irrelevant trivia; hyperbolise the hurt that they suffer (much like Chinese professional mourners); demonise dissenting voices that tell them to stop behaving like spoiled children; and enforce their own fascist brand of faux morality on the world whilst simultaneously demanding the right to spout whatever nonsense they please with absolute impunity.

Similarly, I see no difference between the embarrassing segments of the self labeled “liberal” and “humanist” left that throw around the accusation of islamophobia at any hint of criticism in lieu of rational discourse and the Watsonistas abuse of baseless accusations of misogyny for the same reason – mindless vacuity. As Harlan Ellison eloquently put it – (more…)