PZ Myers disapproves (Greg Laden in Jimi Hendrix wig rear)

Almost two days now and still no sign of the SWAT team. Just as well, might take this opportunity to tell them the keys are in the letter box – there’s really no need to kick the door down guys.

Still scratching my head, but I shouldn’t. I know that there is no such thing as rock bottom in a bottomless pit, which is pretty much what the baboon board’s antics are. There will always be some new surprise beyond imagining just around the corner ready to stun you.

So did the big baboon actually post his denunciation or didn’t he? I suspect we will never know with anything that approaches substance. Chances are, even a pathetic loser like me would have heard something on the grapevine by now, but I haven’t. To my mind, there are two realistic possibilities – (more…)

"They're all rapists!"

I am basically a citizen journalist, and as bad a reputation as that has earned itself (largely due to the kinds of irresponsible idiots we find at freefromthoughtblogs), I like to maintain integrity for my own sake if no one else’s. That is why everything I write is fully referenced and independently verifiable – which is the primary source of grief for the baboons, and most folks that are even remotely interested in journalistic integrity notice that pretty much straight away without being told.

What the relentless stream of bile from the baboons is conspicuous by is complete absence of any kind of evidence or substance. Pointing this out is an endless source of fury for them – the Emperors and Empresses really are naked and can’t hide that fact. They compensate by spinning off the bile into other, viler and equally substance free slanders such is this recent one – (more…)

Yesterday’s derangement did find a climax eventually –

Continuing Butterflies & Wheels babble

Not entirely sure what this is supposed to achieve. I think it’s supposed to be some fatal coup de grâce or something. It certainly takes the surreality to a new level. Alleged “freethinkers” so petty and spiteful, and so cocksure of their importance in the scheme of things, that they have a sincere belief that this kind of idiot Moral Majority style of reaction will achieve something other than making themselves look even more stupid. (more…)