"Please believes usssss... We means you no harm..."

The sophistry from Access ministries has entered a new phase. They have been through the stage of initial panic at being unmasked as filthy little liars and thieves, and then the damage control of denial – lying about telling lies. Then there was a mop up phase of lesser, but no more forgivable, deceptions where public perception could still be manipulated into a more positive light. Now Access Ministries is falling into a holding pattern to ride the fiasco out utilising what can only be described as Meccano set propaganda – deceptive, yet plausible, individual units of deliberately false information that can endlessly be reassembled in new configurations to create an illusion of a new article when in reality its just another reiteration of what has already been said, and eviscerated as nonsense. All in the hope that the public digest it uncritically the nth time around.

The latest steaming cow pat has been deposited for our consumption courtesy of The Australian, and disinterested, objective commentator Ian Harper – (more…)