Indignation cafeteria

I no longer find it possible to differentiate the methodology of the catastrophist misandrist fairy tales and hate propaganda of Watson / Greta Christina et al. from that of radical islamists that have a thing about cartoons.

Both do backwards somersaults to tenuously manufacture crises out of irrelevant trivia; hyperbolise the hurt that they suffer (much like Chinese professional mourners); demonise dissenting voices that tell them to stop behaving like spoiled children; and enforce their own fascist brand of faux morality on the world whilst simultaneously demanding the right to spout whatever nonsense they please with absolute impunity.

Similarly, I see no difference between the embarrassing segments of the self labeled “liberal” and “humanist” left that throw around the accusation of islamophobia at any hint of criticism in lieu of rational discourse and the Watsonistas abuse of baseless accusations of misogyny for the same reason – mindless vacuity. As Harlan Ellison eloquently put it – (more…)


– War is Peace –

– Ignorance is Strength –

– Freedom is Slavery –


This is at least convenient – having all of the faux morality fascists congregating under the one roof.

The Naked Emperor’s brave new world in the oxymoronically, and pompously, entitled FreethoughtBlogs is growing in leaps and bounds. Recent additions to the tenants list have been –

Butterflies and Wheels – an oasis of tolerance and the epitome of non-threatening environments for women of all philosophies to speak their minds openly, free from fear or intimidation – (more…)

What can you say about Richard Dawkins’ response to Becky Watson’s violated nun routine in Elevatorgate other than it was genius? Pity he subsequently spoiled it by attempting to explain and mollify. Dawkins no doubt knew he was dealing with maniacs, but I suspect he grossly underestimated the extent of the derangement he was dealing with. There was no point Dick – we’re in Jyllands-Posten territory here. You cannot negotiate with terrorists.

Depressingly, the outrage at Dawkins Muslima riposte was not confined to the Watsonista hordes. A non-exhaustive list of non-fembots that lined up to take pot-shots at Dawkins for daring to show disrespect to the holy yoni included –

Roseanne Barr gets swept away by Wagner

OK, let’s talk about hatred shall we?

The Watsonistas certainly do. Relentlessly. In fact, if you take their word for it, outside of Saudi Arabia, the greatest concentration of misogynists and rape apologists on Earth can be found within the atheist and skeptic communities and a woman that attends any of their events and escapes without being sexually assaulted is in a rare minority (and probably a traitor and collaborator).

Perhaps the Watsonista that most openly, honestly and unambiguously expresses the true sentiments of all involved is Skeptifem. While others go to great lengths to disguise their hatreds as concerns, she has no such inhibitions and just lets her venom drip. A great display can be seen in an extended rant against male-friendly women, appropriately titled inside the mind of a gender traitor. It is worth reading this extract with care as there is an unusual observation to be made – (more…)

“Politics have no relation to morals”

— Niccolo Machiavelli

“There is nothing more fearful than a barbaric slave-class which
has learnt to regard its existence as an injustice and is preparing to take revenge not just for itself but for all generations.”

— Nietzsche, The Birth of Tragedy


The more they carry on, the more they sound like white puritans a century ago whining about those filthy blacks. It’s just “socially redeeming” hatred. And nothing more.

Rebecca Watson: unleashing her inner Goebbels (Wikimedia Commons)

Karl Popper, one of the grandfathers of the philosophy of science, popularised the concept of falsifiability to define the inherent testability and, by extention, validity of any scientific hypothesis.

Umberto Eco extends this philosophical approach into the realms of human communications in his 1976 work A Theory of Semiotics

Semiotics is in principle the discipline studying everything which can be used in order to lie. If something cannot be used to tell a lie, conversely it cannot be used to tell the truth: it cannot in fact be used “to tell” at all.

In other words, as far as language, information and communication goes, there is no such thing as “neutrality”1. There is only true or false. It is not possible for true to ever be false, but false more often than not attempts to masquerade as true – whether it’s conscious deception or the full blown cognitive disorder of the true-believer, the falsehood remains false and even the worst perpetrator, deep down inside, has the knowledge that it is false. Those that choose to disturb the voice of the conscience inside the minds of those that wish to believe falsehoods to be true run the risk of unleashing quite a demonic level of hostility. And we’ve rather had our noses rubbed in all of that lately…

So when Rebecca Watson, Greta Christina and cohorts utilise language and communications to create reality distortions, deceptions and manipulations on such a grand scale that it would make Joseph Goebbels blush, it is positively an invitation, and duty, to expand our own vernacular in countermeasure. Sophist waffle needs to be defined before it can be apprehended, and without definition, it is all the more easy for these stage magician tricks to ensnare the unwary. So for the sake of extending our language in this semantic arms race, here are a few new terms for the self-defense arsenal0.

Ad himinem (more…)