– The submissive male agrees he does not have any rights, is always wrong and may be punished at any time by his Mistress for no other reason than the pleasure she receives in his suffering.
– The male slave does not speak unless ordered to do so by his Mistress.
– With each question asked by the male slave, the Mistress administers punishment. Male slaves are inferior and always wrong. Males do not have the right to question their Mistress.
– The male slave functions at the whim of his Mistress as a piece of furniture, an ashtray, a stool, human toilet, or just a whipping boy for the Superior Females pleasure.
– The slave treats all Females, regardless of age, with comparable respect or punishment will follow.
– The slave is to be efficient in his service to the Mistress and must kneel and thank her for the privilege of serving Her.
– The male slave further understands and agrees that he is nothing more than chattel.  A piece of property owned by his Mistress and may be loaned, rented, or sold to any other Females at any time, or disposed of as his Mistress deems necessary.

Extracts from a typical Slave Contract (more…)