When a member of an online community announces they are leaving, usually after a protracted disagreement with other members of the community.

“I’m gone. You all enjoy your little discussions.”

This definition really needs to be expanded to include the serial flounce or the flounce yo-yo, those that rejoin communities after a melodramatic exit, usually with much pomp and grandiosity, only to leave again ad nauseam. And with guilt laid on with a trowel.

At the core of this dumbness is a basic reality – some folks should just leave the internet alone, for all our sakes, but especially their own. The old maxim is as valid is everif you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. To venture into any online community with the assumption that you will never receive criticism, and even occasional abuse, is beyond simply naive – it is fragile Pollyannaism. Especially when you spend significant amounts of time criticising others whilst perched precariously on a self-constructed moral high ground. It courts psychological disaster. (more…)