Rick, Al and Tom

Shrinks have (I think anyway) an unhealthy preoccupation with asking people to remember the times that they were happy. This is problematic as they never seem to consider that the answers that they receive may not be entirely honest – especially if the therapy is not exactly voluntary, eg. as part of a rehab program – and that the answers may only be what the subject thinks the therapist wishes to hear (think the Rorschach character in Watchmen). I question the value of such probing and what actual benefit they hope to leverage from it – especially if the probing will impact diagnosis and treatment. But then I have very little faith in the shrink arts to begin with. It’s probably because I have never met one I felt I could trust.

Whenever I get asked these questions, I just say I don’t have any, ask for my scrip and leave. Any answer I could give would be beyond meaningless to them. Without the contextual basis of similar experience in which to frame it, my good memories would have about as much relevance as my writhing on the floor and babbling in tongues. (more…)