Crick to enrarge - you know you have to

Engrish, at least for now, is still a safe haven for good old fashioned, racially insensitive humour. Vive la Résistance! 

Not that there is a complete absence of Watsonesque guilt peddlers out there lecturing to us about how racist “Engrish” is, but for the moment they are an indiscernable minority.

Currently, there is a new viral Engrish picture doing the rounds being spammed to hell and back  – 110,000+ hits in google images and counting1. And as per usual, none of them seem to have any interest in researching its origins.

The Engrish is a photo of a display sign at some kind of Asian trade exhibition for Aier Disinfector, apparently some kind of Swiss army knife feminine hygiene gel – it’s antibacterial, contraceptive, lubricating, aphrodesiac and, so it claims, can even make you feel like a virgin again to boot. If I was a Melinda Gates, I’d buy the company. Largest scale image I could find is appended below. (more…)