“The chief qualification of a mass leader has become unending infallibility; he can never admit an error.”Hanna Arendt

You’d think infallibility would be one of those concepts that is alien to skeptics and godless alike, and automatically relegated to status as a trait monopolised by religious loons, conspiracists and alt.science / medicine losers.

Not any more. It seems to be very popular with the new, new atheist demagogues and their undiscriminating acolytes. You don’t need to look far in general to find “godless” communities which persecute heresies that deviate from orthodoxy with the same enthusiasm as the theists and ideologues they profess to detest. The more things change…

All that this pseudo-enlightenment that everyone brags about has achieved is to replace god appointed clowns that lead the masses around by the nose with secular equivalents every bit as stupid, pedantic and bloody minded, and equally as morally and ethically barren. Cue PZ Myers, who once again ventures out from the safety of Fortress Pharyngula, to the defend the honour of his precious Vestal Virgin from the cruelty of the unwashed masses, and make an ass of himself all over again in the process – (more…)