Caveat: I’m not an economist. I’m a scientist / engineer. I think that gives me an advantage.

I’m sick of this financial crisis. All of us, each and every one of us, bar the financial Mandarins that are “fixing” the mess they created, are being butt-fucked into the ground. “Austerity measures” are sold as some kind of panacea. Our wages are frozen. Inflation outstrips any miserly “indexed” gains grudgingly granted. Meanwhile, reports of “performance bonuses” to our financial overlords are back to pre-meltdown levels, often lump sums far in excess of what any of us will earn in a lifetime.

The approach to remedy this status quo seems an absurdist black comedy. It’s like watching a sinking ship being bailed out with teaspoons. As one example, the poor long suffering Greeks, where “austerity” measures are biting the hardest and, as always, hitting those already on a subsistence existence the worst. (more…)