Usually, when you talk about the intellectual incoherence of Watsonistas to those that are unfamiliar with the Borg-like horde, they are naturally skeptical and are prone to assume you exaggerate.

I wish it were true. But it’s not. Yes they are that incoherent. No, you are not likely to find any kind of relevant argument in any of their babbling. No, they are not really indistinguishable from one another either. Yes they are legion and yes, they have frequent flyers that throw regular flouncy fits after a final parting insult, swearing never to return, only to be back a few days later regurgitating the same gibberish.

So for the unbelievers, I have collated ~3 months worth of Watsonista commentary deposited right here, discarding only the completely incomprehensible mouth-full-of-baked-beans-sneeze type gibberish (which is all still here if you really want to look for it). (more…)

Proverb, probably Chaucerian

Good aphorisms never die, they improve with age. Shakespeare expanded on this with his own –

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind.

The gist is the same – third parties are unnecessary when deep inside, you yourself know you are a slime bag. It is this fragile frame of mind that I think is at the core of the relatively modern addition to our language angst – that amorphous, indistinct feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish. That horrid, self-critical voice at the back of your mind that won’t shut up – ever – and who’s volume is in direct proportion to the frequency with which you knowingly transgress the strict moral codes you preach to others while you think no one is looking.

This is the plague of all public moralists, especially the shameless populist ones. Naturally, this leads to hypersensitivity to any kind criticism at all. Everything, no matter how trivial or valid, becomes a personal attack and a subversion of their moral authority. Unchecked, this gives way to narcissism and paranoia – and a cultivated conspiratorial state of delusion where they have become important enough for some kind of they to go out of its way to specifically get them. (more…)



I’m just speechless. I have nothing to say that has not already been said. This link was passed on to me and I am just recording this because it needs to be preserved

Uhuh. As opposed to the Elevator Guy incident which was an affair that did not get inflated into absurdity by the misandrists enlightened feminist movement. How could everyone have so readily misread Becky’s intent?



“The chief qualification of a mass leader has become unending infallibility; he can never admit an error.”Hanna Arendt

You’d think infallibility would be one of those concepts that is alien to skeptics and godless alike, and automatically relegated to status as a trait monopolised by religious loons, conspiracists and / medicine losers.

Not any more. It seems to be very popular with the new, new atheist demagogues and their undiscriminating acolytes. You don’t need to look far in general to find “godless” communities which persecute heresies that deviate from orthodoxy with the same enthusiasm as the theists and ideologues they profess to detest. The more things change…

All that this pseudo-enlightenment that everyone brags about has achieved is to replace god appointed clowns that lead the masses around by the nose with secular equivalents every bit as stupid, pedantic and bloody minded, and equally as morally and ethically barren. Cue PZ Myers, who once again ventures out from the safety of Fortress Pharyngula, to the defend the honour of his precious Vestal Virgin from the cruelty of the unwashed masses, and make an ass of himself all over again in the process – (more…)