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Franc Hoggle

Proud angry masturbator, aficionado of scat porn, all-around repulsive fellow. Did give us a new term: hoggling, or masturbating hatefully over an obsession. Turns out there are a lot of hogglers out there.


It’s almost as though I care. For the record, yes, Moser is worth more respect than you. And you should know by now, pea-brain, shame is not a trump card. I wallow. You pretend. You being honest and hell freezing are just as likely. You’re a loser chumpy. With a predilection for ugly, stupid pussy. Your grave knucklehead. Don’t need to lift a finger.

"I'm holding my penis. It's very big and non-threatening" -- Paul Myers

You’re a fraud Paul. Stand up like a man for the first time in your worthless life and admit it. You are a disgusting, whore-for-rent, venomous toad. That’s why Becky loves you. She owns you. Chickenshit.

You sent your venom my way a few weeks ago. It hasn’t worked. You are sending it again. At my guess, there is a 90% drop in approved disapproval. You’re word as god is vapourising. Wanker. You can’t even destroy a loser like me you loser. Oh Skepchick save me!!!

Betting on the wrong gang of fascists to boost your own worthless empire. Slut, whore, loser. I’d never use these words on a female. You are special Paul.

Repugnant aging loser, second tier atheist celebrity wannabe, watching his star fading.

Glad I’m not you.

This just needs preserving before chickenshit deletes it. Nothing to add otherwise.

“They? Who in the hell is they?”

– Sykes in the Wild Bunch.

They have moved beyond parody

August 17, 2011 at 11:39 pm PZ Myers

This apparently has something to do with Elevatorgate. Somehow. In some strange, distorted, funhouse mirror world.

There have been some peculiarly crazy people obsessing over me and Rebecca Watson, and how we’re evil tyrants out to destroy the life of good manly men. One of the craziest is Franc Hoggle, who early on staked out a position somewhere in the stratosphere above delusional Disneyland, with rants about how Watson had been preaching some New Age weirdness about “the divine yoni” and other such excretions from his imagination. Now though, he has gotten even with us all. He has taught us a lesson. (more…)

Pharyngula fight!

There’s something so ickily pathetic about a middle aged guy that has to remind you at every turn about his own awesomeness, influence, how big his gang is and how much more important he is than an insignificant piece of shit like you. That pathetic-ness goes into hyperdrive when you watch it roll over on its back and piss its belly like a frightened dog when there is even the slightest whiff of his own gang turning on him.

Such a man’s man is The Naked Emperor.

When Myers is barricaded inside fortress Pharyngula, and has his army of trained baboons lined up behind him in “independently minded” unison, the man is an indestructible, nuclear warhead-proof mecha-Godzilla of righteous rage – like when he slanders the bulk of the godless community as being rape apologists with inadequate genitalia. But when he attempts to poke something with a pussy on the other hand, it’s quite a different story and he folds like a jizzy tissue at the merest hint of criticism… What a guy to look up to. (more…)

It is nice that when you are on the verge of abandoning all hope in what now passes for the “rationalist” internet, something new pops up out of the blue to restore it.

That’s the kind of feeling I got when I stumbled into Science 2.0 recently – yes there are kindred spirits still out there that still do place value on reality, have a healthy, unashamed contempt for typhos, and don’t allow themselves to be held hostage by ideological maniacs. Just as a quick thumbnail example of civilisation, compare Pharyngula’s self-proclaimed style of notoriously ruthless commentariat to what is fairly typical at Science 2.0. It’s really the difference between cannibal tribesmen that throw virgins into volcanoes and the modern cosmopolite in his or her library with a snifter of cognac. (more…)

The more you keep rummaging around in this moral panic morass that the Gruesome Twosome tag-team of Becky Watson and The Naked Emperor have drowned us in, the more you come to realise that you are not even getting close to hitting the bottom of the barrel as far as sheer human decrepitude goes.

Myers, to some extent, can perhaps be excused for being a patsy, a dupe, a shmuck, a conscious man / toilet slave, a naive simpleton, or perhaps even having Stockholm Syndrome from a lifetime of being cuckolded and forced to eat doo-doo. (more…)

The Naked Emperor according to B. Bunny –

Have a chicken –


(not a very honest or articulate Plato either, but nevertheless, just as confused)

Yeesh. This one landed in my spam bin – it would be nice to think it was because Akismet is hyper-intelligent enough to detect substance free nonsense, but I am not that optimistic. It is however the first false positive I’ve found. Quantum sardonics again.

Suffice it to say, it took a while to pick my jaw up off the ground. It’s the sort of thing you want to dismiss as a troll, but to my eye, looking at the pointers, logs and links, it’s the real thing. And that is what is so disturbing. I wanted to reply in the comment thread, but for space considerations it’s here. In any case, it really does need to be filed in its own compartment so it’s not lost in the other noise. It’s just too staggering, in an abandon-all-hope kind of way. Here we go –

PZ Myers Says:
July 24, 2011 at 9:36 pm e

I read the blog post in question. I also read this one. Recall that my criticism was this: (more…)

“One should examine oneself for a very long time before thinking of condemning others” Molière

“A Discordian is Prohibited of Believing what he reads” — The 5th Pentabarf

Any movement that tries to claim both a moral and intellectual high ground, then fails to objectively and mercilessly apply its own standards to itself is a failure. QED.

I’m already resigned to the big godless social sites being overrun by vanity spammers, ideological monomaniacs and gibberish machines. That’s OK. I can live with that – when you pander to the lowest common denominator you get what you deserve. It’s quite another matter though when you see major, allegedly rationalist, portals skid off down the same path. That starts to hurt and you begin to wonder what happened to the integrity that first attracted you to, what you at first assumed to be, fellow Freethinkers – only to discover most are anything but.

The degeneration of both the atheist and skeptic communities over the last few years has been more than noticeable – repugnant don’t be a dick accommodationist populism; self-loathing, neo-puritan* groupthink; and complete abdication of clear- and freethought principles – culminating in the recent crucifixion of Richard Dawkins by a torches-n-pitchforks mob (for daring to respond to stupidity in a manner that would have made Voltaire proud), and largely with Pharyngula‘s and PZ’s blessing. (more…)