The Loser

By Bruce Everett

Thanks for self-identifying Bruce.

Pretty much sums it all up –

Where PZ Myers, the baboon board, and serial pig Chrys Stevenson has brought us, with slander so substantial that WordPress removed it. Did warn them about scattergun smearing.

I feel so proud. Atheism. Just like the right-to-life lobby.

Be a Freethinker, not an atheist. Resist. The baboons are baboons. They soil themselves at every move.They re-edit history so freely there are no reliable links.

Slandering the innocent sums up freefromthoughtblogs. Whores and destitutes. I have not been around. Just popping in to wish you all a better new year than the one past. And for anyone that has ever trusted Chrys Stevenson, to say nyah nyah. Really. You should know better. Sorry you’ve been stung. Assume the worst.

His royal überness

Myers’ Law – In its simplest form Myers’ Law states a baboon has no capacity to either receive or transmit information without corrupting that information. In practical terms this equates to there being no realistic relation between what you communicate to a baboon and what that baboon actually hears. This communication loses even more of its original meaning in the event that baboon then communicates a response back to you. Further, when information enters the baboon echo chamber it loses all relation to reality altogether in a very short time via baboon to baboon retransmission. See cunt kick.

Any non-baboon that has ever attempted to participate in the 24×7 dung fights that constitute what passes for “discussion” on the baboon board knows intimately the feeling that they have walked into some kind of Twilight Zone where ordinary reality has ceased to carry any weight whatsoever. This sense of surreality is followed sequentially by amazement, then by a sense of denial that “this isn’t really happening”, then exasperation and finally overwhelming resignation and despair. (more…)

Ophelia Benson practices emergency misogyny response

The Talking Prune’s desperation to cherry-pick for the sake of confirmation bias is well documented and now the stuff of legend. Of all the baboons, she is the one that most consistently has determination enough to bloody her fingernails while scraping the bottom of the barrel.

This is all very much evident in her current barfing – she somehow managed to stumble across the latest, but certainly not the greatest, outrage from a second tier wannabe provocateur cum1 yellow journalist Kyle Sandilands in faraway in Australia (upside down land for the baboons).

This is just trashy headline grabbing in the tradition of Britain’s gutter tabloids, and very much in the contemporary tradition of the baboon board(more…)

Proverb, probably Chaucerian

Good aphorisms never die, they improve with age. Shakespeare expanded on this with his own –

Suspicion always haunts the guilty mind.

The gist is the same – third parties are unnecessary when deep inside, you yourself know you are a slime bag. It is this fragile frame of mind that I think is at the core of the relatively modern addition to our language angst – that amorphous, indistinct feeling of dread, anxiety, or anguish. That horrid, self-critical voice at the back of your mind that won’t shut up – ever – and who’s volume is in direct proportion to the frequency with which you knowingly transgress the strict moral codes you preach to others while you think no one is looking.

This is the plague of all public moralists, especially the shameless populist ones. Naturally, this leads to hypersensitivity to any kind criticism at all. Everything, no matter how trivial or valid, becomes a personal attack and a subversion of their moral authority. Unchecked, this gives way to narcissism and paranoia – and a cultivated conspiratorial state of delusion where they have become important enough for some kind of they to go out of its way to specifically get them. (more…)

"I'm holding my penis. It's very big and non-threatening" -- Paul Myers

You’re a fraud Paul. Stand up like a man for the first time in your worthless life and admit it. You are a disgusting, whore-for-rent, venomous toad. That’s why Becky loves you. She owns you. Chickenshit.

You sent your venom my way a few weeks ago. It hasn’t worked. You are sending it again. At my guess, there is a 90% drop in approved disapproval. You’re word as god is vapourising. Wanker. You can’t even destroy a loser like me you loser. Oh Skepchick save me!!!

Betting on the wrong gang of fascists to boost your own worthless empire. Slut, whore, loser. I’d never use these words on a female. You are special Paul.

Repugnant aging loser, second tier atheist celebrity wannabe, watching his star fading.

Glad I’m not you.

The irony of The Naked Emperor starting something with freethought in its name, after all his recent shenanigans, is mind boggling. It’s like Jeffrey Dahmer wanting to claim he was a vegan.

Ostensibly, the move is presented as having something to do with a change in governance of ScienceBlogs – with National Geographic taking over the helm. With a very straight face, PZ also burbles about free speech, remaining uncompromising, and avoiding possible culture clashes as the reasons for deciding to relocate. What a funny thought – PZ compromising himself… technically, that’s not quite the same as capitulating is it?

The riot act read out in the site’s grand opening is something to behold – (more…)

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