Not that any evidence is really needed that Access apologists orchestrated a poll bombing to skew results for their own vulgar propaganda purposes, but here’s some anyway. This is a spam of the “Urgent!!! Forward to everybody you know!!!!” variety that was sent when a poll on religious education was posted by The Age and gave results Access Ministries seriously did not want to see.

The mass mailing was initiated by Alyson Prescott, Access CRE Support Officer, around May 15 and drips with the usual persecution paranoia. It’s also unlikely to be the only piece – (more…)

“98% fat free” versus “2% fat” is technically saying the same thing, but is a very good example of positive versus negative spin. Neither statement is a deception, but depending on context, both statements can be used deceptively and as building blocks for entire deceptive alternate realities. Access Ministries know this very well and it is an invaluable aid to their finely honed art of simultaneously blurting black lies while indignantly proclaiming their irreproachable “honesty” with a straight face and without their heads exploding.

It allows them to publish glossy propaganda blurbs that state things like –

98% of principals support chaplains in schools

Which, if you remove their bright-sided, think-positive twist, actually means –

98% of principals don’t immediately want to run their chaplains out of their schools and/or press charges

– and covers the whole range of assessments from “approve” to “barely tolerate” and “it’s better than nothing”. Technically, this isn’t lying and how dare anyone suggest that… It would be fascinating to see the actual responses of the remaining 2% – but unfortunately, that’s not the sort of data Access are interested in collating and even if they did it would never see the light of day. (more…)

In one ear and out the other


14:5. An honest witness does not deceive,
but a false witness pours out lies.

14:8. The wisdom of the prudent is to give thought to their ways,
but the folly of fools is deception.

What seems to have been forgotten in this whole debacle of the Access Ministries, SUQLD, ACL et al. sideshow is basic, humble christianity. In fact, trapped in an anachronistic timewarp, they seem to believe they are crusaders and engaged in a war against those not of the faith and that the world appears to be one of crystalline black and white. The war they wage, for lack of actual might and numbers, is a guerrilla war – but nevertheless, it is a war and they are clearly on a war footing. There is a vast nebulous army of darkness bent on laying waste christendom itself (apparently), the tentacles of its conspiracy reaching everywhere, but especially into the media where it pulls all the strings and calls all the shots…

…But really, they are like frightened children who’s fervent imaginations amplify the slightest noises in the dark and invest them with unseen, imaginary menace and malice. (more…)

IX:37 – To begin by bluster, but afterwards to take fright
at the enemy’s numbers, shows a supreme lack of intelligence.
But bombing online polls? Man, that’s just retarded.

Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Opinion is divided as to whether the idea of online polls have any intrinsic merit whatsoever1. At best they are an amusing distraction, at worst they are a showdown between socially networked losers who’s lives are so hollow they need artificial gimmicks like these to give some kind of substance to their lives – a fearsome contest to see who’s gang is bigger than the other over really critical stuff like whether Justin Bieber sucks or not – and this hint of desperation can often inspire less than ethical or rational behaviour. Often, even common vandalism by “bombing” the polls either with flash mobs voting dozens or hundreds of times over, or for the more technically accomplished, by bombing the poll with automated scripts.

So to my mind, if these polls are going to provide any meaningful reflection of reality, it’s probably only during the course of the first few hours, before any of the vandals or pitchforks-n-torches lynch mobs can organise themselves enough to start making any real impact. (more…)

Lets get something straight up front – when it comes to accepting government contracts valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, there is no such thing as an acceptable “white” lie. At all. Ever. No amount of squealing, foot stomping tantrum throwing can change that.

As for black lies, they are well established. By now, everyone in the country is fully aware of Access’ po-faced, remorseless deception and disregard for binding contractual agreements committed knowingly and with premeditation to get a foothold in our education system and to fraudulently siphon funding from the public purse. Their actions were coldly calculated, and committed under the belief that their falsehood was divinely sanctioned, an evangelical interpretation of sanctified, christianised taqiyya. These are “black” lies, blacker than satan’s arsehole. (more…)

Let’s start of with a basic fact. There is a huge number of reasonable christians and muslims out there, very likely a majority by a large margin. Those that are humble and non-sociopathic, who practice their faith in peace and in privacy, who simply want to coexist and understand that spiritual heterogeneity is not necessarily an evil that must be steamrolled into a one-eyed, fundamentalist monoculture. Some even tolerate the godless.

Unfortunately, this observation can be lost amidst the cacophony of the louder idiocies like the hajj or WBC protests or anti-abortion terrorism or acid attacks on immodest and uppity women perpetrated by their dumber and more shameless brethren1.

And here’s another basic fact – fundamentalism of both of the major dust religions in the west does far more harm in real terms to those who practice a more modest faith than it does to secularism. Yes, some accusations of supposed secular “militancy” and “intolerance” may be true. But you need to ask – who inspired this backlash? Jimmy Carter or Pat Robertson? Cat Stevens or Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei? In many ways, lunatic fundamentalism is the manure that has caused the renewed secularism to sprout and flourish. We owe our thanks to these maniacs – without them, our man Hitch would have been a different, probably tamer, man as just one example of the upside to this derangement. (more…)


is a practice in Shi’a Islam whereby adherents may conceal their beliefs when they are under threat, persecution, or compulsion.

The cesspit of lies definition is quite flattering. It is also too specific.This divinely approved practice is not limited to the Shi’a sects. Nor is it limited to situations of threat, persecution, or compulsion. This has been expanded upon by many islamic scholars over the years, this excerpt from muslim scholar Afif A. Tabbarah is fairly typical –

Lying is not always bad, to be sure; there are times when telling a lie is more profitable and better for the general welfare, and for the settlement of conciliation among people, than telling the truth. To this effect, the Prophet says: ‘He is not a false person who (through lies) settles conciliation among people, supports good or says what is good. (more…)

[This is an addendum to GetUp! Fix Your Act Up]

Some pub discussion took exception to one of my main points in the preceding post where GetUp! label the Shooters Party as extreme. Namely where I say –

And I need some help in understanding exactly how a political party who’s primary goal is removal of legislation that unnecessarily restricts law abiding citizens can actually do anything that would qualify as extremist.

and where extremism is taken as per the cesspit of lies definition –

Extremism is any ideology or political act far outside the perceived political center of a society; or otherwise claimed to violate common moral standards. In democratic societies, individuals or groups that advocate the replacement of democracy with a authoritarian regime are usually branded extremists

I have had folks tell me that this anti-legislation, quasi-libertarian attitude of the Shooters Party is no different in essence to that of the Teabaggers, who genuinely do want to un-make society and rebuild it as a laissez-faire, dog-eat-dog, über utopia (for a judeo-christian white over-class, but that’s a trifling detail). Well, in extremis, perhaps yes. But one could also mount the case for NORML being extremists using that logic. (more…)

shit happensThere is a very old joke that asks “what is the definition of an oxymoron?”, to which the snappy response is “military intelligence”. I can only trace the attribution for this as far back as George Carlin, but really, it must be older than that. It would not surprise me if Roman Centurions whispered it to each other while in hellish campaigns into northern Europe millennia ago. I would be interested in case anyone knows.

We have cultivated a more up to date equivalent response for this joke, which while amusing, is even more depressing – “journalistic integrity”. The Fourth Estate has fallen into disrepair and is overrun by the Yellow peril who are squatting in it, panhandling product placement and shilling focus group opinion, the journalist code of ethics torn up into handy strips and left hanging in the latrines. (more…)

Pastor Daniel Nalliah

He loves you

That the religious carrion fowl have arrived isn’t surprising. The manner of their arrival this time is. Pastor Daniel Nalliah of Catch the Fire Ministries has already made a name for himself, previously blaming the Black Saturday bushfires on liberalisation of abortion laws. This time though, he’s really clutching at straws –

Are the QLD floods the result of Kevin Rudd speaking against Israel?


Dear family & friends in Christ,

It is 11.50pm on Friday night the 7th of January.  You might wonder what I am doing in my office at this time.  Well we are all at the all night prayer meeting at the CTFM base.  We started the prayer meeting at 7.30pm and would be  finishing at 6am but this issue was so urgent, I thought I must  get the info out to you as soon as possible, so that we can repent on behalf of Australia. (more…)

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