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80 minutes of typhos

The abortion that is Australian politics; Julia Gillard and homos; piracy, privacy, surveillance states  and why Hollywood must be destroyed; islam, Geert Wilders and why Sam Harris needs to read more; and a shitload more.

Caveat: I’m not an economist. I’m a scientist / engineer. I think that gives me an advantage.

I’m sick of this financial crisis. All of us, each and every one of us, bar the financial Mandarins that are “fixing” the mess they created, are being butt-fucked into the ground. “Austerity measures” are sold as some kind of panacea. Our wages are frozen. Inflation outstrips any miserly “indexed” gains grudgingly granted. Meanwhile, reports of “performance bonuses” to our financial overlords are back to pre-meltdown levels, often lump sums far in excess of what any of us will earn in a lifetime.

The approach to remedy this status quo seems an absurdist black comedy. It’s like watching a sinking ship being bailed out with teaspoons. As one example, the poor long suffering Greeks, where “austerity” measures are biting the hardest and, as always, hitting those already on a subsistence existence the worst. (more…)

So how many little boys did Hitler bugger then Fred?

There is a relentless battle being waged in the 21st century for who can rightly claim the crown as the most outrageous abusers of reality for petty personal agenda – between the new breed of gender feminists and old school evangelical demagogues. And in fact, if you take god out of the equation there is bugger all difference in style, substance or methodology.

While the new kids on the block may have the element of surprise and roulette wheel style irrationality, they lose out by chasing trivia. On the other hand, seasoned dinosaurs like Fred Nile have no lack of either ambition or confidence in the selection of their targets. That’s why they still reign supreme. And you can see why, courtesy of Fred Nile’s latest contribution in our national newspapers –

Godless ethics led to Nazism: Nile (more…)

It has been an interesting week watching the merry band of jokers from Access Ministries – hopping around like frogs on a hotplate, caught with their pants down, after claims that they never proselytise or seek to convert children entrusted to their CRE program were exposed for the bald faced lies that they are.

What we are seeing here really is that the only thing that divides the religions of dust from each other is a coat of paint, a different superhero and a different PR slant. Underneath, they are really indistinguishible – they are glorified death cults that have no interest in making the earth a nice place to live (preferring to prick tease you with exhorbitant promises of heaven) and all want access to your precious children1 for the noble intent of saving them from eternal damnation and hellfire. The younger the better. (more…)

shit happensThere is a very old joke that asks “what is the definition of an oxymoron?”, to which the snappy response is “military intelligence”. I can only trace the attribution for this as far back as George Carlin, but really, it must be older than that. It would not surprise me if Roman Centurions whispered it to each other while in hellish campaigns into northern Europe millennia ago. I would be interested in case anyone knows.

We have cultivated a more up to date equivalent response for this joke, which while amusing, is even more depressing – “journalistic integrity”. The Fourth Estate has fallen into disrepair and is overrun by the Yellow peril who are squatting in it, panhandling product placement and shilling focus group opinion, the journalist code of ethics torn up into handy strips and left hanging in the latrines. (more…)