Melbourne protester - the only expert you really need

They claim it was 3000 (and one shill 4000), but the realistic estimate is around 1000 protesters actually showed up in Canberra and several hundred in Melbourne.

This was despite the protests being organised by 2GB’s impeccably credentialed Chris Smith (and every other maniac right talk-back hystericist in the country) and the very official sounding Consumer and Taxpayers Association who don’t seem to have a website or any presence in google other than this page at and who’s contact email is (seriously). They even chartered buses for the Canberra showing and printed a pile of handy protest placards for participants too lazy and/or uncreative enough to have their own. Another site also provided printable templates and instructions for making a Ju-Liar mask (this site also has a link to the CATA organisers – it 404s) which maybe 2 people actually made. (more…)

It is depressing to see the issue of legislative controls of carbon emissions get reduced to the selfish, pro-corporatist, irresponsible idiocy of the American debate. Australians have always been proud to be distinct from Septics ideologically and intellectually (even the few of us who think Noah was real don’t think Joan of Arc was his wife).

But the debate here has been reduced to an incoherent Babel, a vulgar replica of America’s debate, and now that maniac right talk-back radio has chimed in, all hope of reason prevailing is lost.

The most flabbergasting aspect is the monotone repetition of “it’s a tax on living” and “everything will be more expensive”. Well, duh. Yes. That is the whole point, and thank you for informing us that you have not listened to a single word of the debate in the last few decades and have just woken up out of your V8 supercar stupor at the mention of the word “tax”. (more…)