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April 13, 1949 – December 15, 2011


And now the charlatans and the hypocrites will compete in gaudy displays.

The rest of us will mourn in silence.

(and a big thank you from Wikileaks to freefromthoughtblogs)

Wikileaks and Julian Assange have been awarded the 2011 Walkley Award for Outstanding Contribution to Journalism. Not as globally renowned as the Pulitzers, they are nevertheless the Australian equivalent and still an award that retains some degree of credibility and integrity (contra MTV awards or Oscars).

On one level, this is fantastic. The public, fickle as always and with the attention span of gnats, have allowed Assange to largely become the forgotten man – whilst the attacks to destroy him have in no way abated. Journalists are at least making a token effort to acknowledge the man. Any journalist that remembers their code of ethics and standards and actually still practices genuine journalism knows full well that the act of doing their job as the public’s watchdog could land them in a situation similar to Assange’s at any time. In many parts of the world, it is still one of the most dangerous occupations. (more…)

Let’s start of with a basic fact. There is a huge number of reasonable christians and muslims out there, very likely a majority by a large margin. Those that are humble and non-sociopathic, who practice their faith in peace and in privacy, who simply want to coexist and understand that spiritual heterogeneity is not necessarily an evil that must be steamrolled into a one-eyed, fundamentalist monoculture. Some even tolerate the godless.

Unfortunately, this observation can be lost amidst the cacophony of the louder idiocies like the hajj or WBC protests or anti-abortion terrorism or acid attacks on immodest and uppity women perpetrated by their dumber and more shameless brethren1.

And here’s another basic fact – fundamentalism of both of the major dust religions in the west does far more harm in real terms to those who practice a more modest faith than it does to secularism. Yes, some accusations of supposed secular “militancy” and “intolerance” may be true. But you need to ask – who inspired this backlash? Jimmy Carter or Pat Robertson? Cat Stevens or Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei? In many ways, lunatic fundamentalism is the manure that has caused the renewed secularism to sprout and flourish. We owe our thanks to these maniacs – without them, our man Hitch would have been a different, probably tamer, man as just one example of the upside to this derangement. (more…)