Guinea Pig 8 – Barfing Vegans

SJWs being pranked? That never happens…

There is a viral video splattered everywhere you look at the moment showing what is alleged to be live frog sushi. I won’t repost it – it is vile and if you want to see it, you can find it yourself in 5 seconds on google.

Some be-birkenstocked nitwit somewhere found it (or more likely, was pointed to it by some gleeful troll), and from there a ‘net wide viral shitstorm and outraged barfing party has, of course, ensued. Countless web pages, Tweets, Tumblrs and ‘tardbook posts have spontaneously erupted, all having zero corroborating evidence or citation and tending to only be full of links to vegan propaganda… And, of course, there is the obligatory petition. Because, y’know, that changes things and stuff. Just sign it and you can sit back smugly satisfied that you have worked for your cause and begin fishing for the next bit of bait to be outraged about. (more…)

Crick to enrarge - you know you have to

Engrish, at least for now, is still a safe haven for good old fashioned, racially insensitive humour. Vive la Résistance! 

Not that there is a complete absence of Watsonesque guilt peddlers out there lecturing to us about how racist “Engrish” is, but for the moment they are an indiscernable minority.

Currently, there is a new viral Engrish picture doing the rounds being spammed to hell and back  – 110,000+ hits in google images and counting1. And as per usual, none of them seem to have any interest in researching its origins.

The Engrish is a photo of a display sign at some kind of Asian trade exhibition for Aier Disinfector, apparently some kind of Swiss army knife feminine hygiene gel – it’s antibacterial, contraceptive, lubricating, aphrodesiac and, so it claims, can even make you feel like a virgin again to boot. If I was a Melinda Gates, I’d buy the company. Largest scale image I could find is appended below. (more…)