Guinea Pig 8 – Barfing Vegans

SJWs being pranked? That never happens…

There is a viral video splattered everywhere you look at the moment showing what is alleged to be live frog sushi. I won’t repost it – it is vile and if you want to see it, you can find it yourself in 5 seconds on google.

Some be-birkenstocked nitwit somewhere found it (or more likely, was pointed to it by some gleeful troll), and from there a ‘net wide viral shitstorm and outraged barfing party has, of course, ensued. Countless web pages, Tweets, Tumblrs and ‘tardbook posts have spontaneously erupted, all having zero corroborating evidence or citation and tending to only be full of links to vegan propaganda… And, of course, there is the obligatory petition. Because, y’know, that changes things and stuff. Just sign it and you can sit back smugly satisfied that you have worked for your cause and begin fishing for the next bit of bait to be outraged about.

The practice of live sushi does exist and has variants in many Asian countries – in Japan it’s called Ikizukuri and documented practices only involve seafood. I have just spent an hour using my search engine ninja skills trying to find SOMETHING to support this vid showing actual practice. And all I have been getting is links pointing back to the same video. I’m increasingly beginning to think this is all a perverse prank being played on sensitive new age westerners.

I am the unwanted skeptic at the back of the room (and getting yelled at a lot) – I question the video’s veracity. Given the amount of extreme Japanese video I have seen, the vid is neither out of the ordinary nor the most outrageous. The Japs are… different. There is nothing disgusting or repulsive that anyone can possibly conceive that someone in Japan has not recreated and committed to video. Westerners can’t deal with this – without citation, how does anyone know this video wasn’t made *precisely* to provoke this kind of reaction? See Charlie Sheen and Guinea Pig.

So, if anyone finds any pages out there that contain something OTHER than vegan propaganda, i.e. actual evidence, I would like to know and then stand corrected. But as of this moment, I’m calling shenanigans.

Postscript: Quote from a friend (who I should have consulted in the first place) who has spent 30 years with animal welfare organisations caring for injured wildlife, specialising in reptiles and frogs, also keeping and breeding them as a hobby –

Afaik, the sushi meme is bullshit. Moderate research. First clue is that the frog is an Australian species.

Erratum: It just looks like an Australian species. I have been informed it is actually an East Asian Bullfrog (Hoplobatrachus rugulosus) and edible –

The Chinese edible frog is commonly referred to as 田雞 (“field chicken”) or 虎皮蛙 (“tiger-skinned frog”) in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, and Chinese communities worldwide. In Filipino, they are called “palakang bukid,” which means “frog of the field.”

Not native to Japan nor ever eaten raw. Clarification from frog-keeper friend –

Something to note though is that it shows distinctive signs of being poorly housed for an extended duration. I see that a lot on the Australian Green Tree frog (Litoria caerulea) and that’s probably where I fucked it up.

So it most likely came from a pet store, not a meat market. The frog snuff may well have been real. But one thing it is not is widespread standard cuisine – more than likely a one-off by some very mindless people.

Postscript 2: If you actually do give a fuck about animal cruelty and abuse, then get it through your fat head that screaming at your router and online petitions do absolutely fuck all. Do you really think the bulk of the planet cares? Get up off your fat, well fed western ass and do something that has practical value. Find a genuine anti-cruelty organisation (“genuine” excludes the PETA clowns and a myriad of others that are merely vegan evangelist groups. They achieve nothing) and donate either money or time. They are screaming out for both. The cesspit of lies has a reasonable list for a starting point.

Postscript 3: Unusually rational article at Fox News who’ve picked up on the hubbub that clarifies much. Most importantly that no, this is not in anyway common and seems to occur only at one restaurant that specialises in freak food, much like exotic S&M dungeons that will do anything for a price, and even there not a standard menu item, more a special request some idiot made –

They also point out the “headless chicken” effect – where death has occurred and reflex actions may continue for some minutes after. This effect is probably longer in cold-blooded animals.

Why can’t any of you vegan fucknuts do any of this basic kind of background research before unleashing your hysteria? Oh that’s right. It’s because your brains have shrunk to walnuts from lack of nutrition… That and it’s too juicy and emotionally charged a propaganda opportunity to be missed.