Adria, could you please explain what the t-shirt means?


Not a lot I can say about this that hasn’t been said elsewhere, and frankly, it’s not my horse race anyway. Yet another example of gender fem-bot Jacobinism rearing it’s ugly head – the godless and the gamers are far from the only ones under siege. I’ll leave the concise summary to ArsTechnica –

“Donglegate” is classic overreaction—and everyone pays

Adria Richard’s (her site looks like it’s currently being DDoS’ed) version –

Forking and Dongle Jokes Don’t Belong At Tech Conferences

I would have let this idiocy slide and left it to the propeller heads but for one item in the commentary on Richard’s piece –

And it’s not the only comment flying around specifically comparing Richard’s to Watson. Becky, it is no longer just the godless community that knows you for the unfunny clown, fraud and vandal that you are. Your name is pretty much mud nowadays anywhere outside your MeanGirls clubhouse and the male chumps you can still lead around by the balls.

And in case anyone doubts the comparison to Watson, Adria is happy to confirm it herself –

Really, it doesn’t matter where you go – all of these professional victims are cast from the same injection mould. Nothing ever changes. Behold, the product of the US education system. And then they wonder why the Chinese are eating them alive.

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