“Thanks for the ‘heart surgery’ donations! LOL!!! What a bunch of chumps. But the ribs were delicious”1

Almost certainly. And given the median intellect of the knuckle-draggers that read him, it’s not an issue.

After close to a year of shadowy insinuation about Michael Shermer being some kind of monstrous misogynist and sexual predator, freefromthoughtblogs has now clicked into full gear and is openly demonising him. To the surprise of nobody.

The flag to release the hounds came when Shermer responded to a series of stock standard FfTB smears and misrepresentations directed at him by Ophelia “the prune that talks” Benson

Nontheism and Feminism: Why the Disconnect?

At the time of writing, that article is offline, but the cache copy can be seen here.

This is more of the same quote mined gibberish that Benson barfs up on a daily basis – “context” is evidently a tool of patriarchal oppression which can be dismissed and reality is best defined by the cultural Marxist practice of selective editing and imbuing meaning to what they really said through the filter of guilt by association and social demographic.

Shermer, perhaps foolish to acknowledge the peabrain’s existence, responded at last month –

Feminism Disconnected – A Response to Ophelia Benson and a Caution on Tribalism in Secularism

Which was followed up earlier this week by –

A Guy Thing? Secularism, Feminism, and a Response to Ophelia Benson

The second article is hosted at the same site as Benson’s ( and is also offline at the moment. Cache copy here.

Brayton’s response to Shermer, aside from being the routine FfTB-style pernicious, context-free quote-mining and misrepresentation, also sets a new high for FfTB’s doublethink. It really needs to be read to be believed. This is a supposedly sentient adult writing –

Shermer and the Myth of Feminist Persecution

These are the lazy habits of a professional propagandist grown fat and complacent from too much time preaching to an audience of unquestioning imbeciles. He really makes no effort whatsoever to build plausibility around the conscious and wilful deception. His audience deserves no better.

No point dissecting his gibberish, but two points do deserve highlighting –

Really? Seriously? Do I even have to explain how ridiculous this Nazi reference is? I certainly hope not.

Actually, Ed, I do need you to explain why it is ridiculous. Shermer’s words, just as Paula Kirby’s, are precise in their meaning and intent. They are describing your Jacobin cult as little different to similar populist, lynch-loving cults that have pockmarked human history. Here’s a brief, and definitely not comprehensive, checklist of the disgusting behaviour you actively condone and encourage –


So yes Ed, I do want you to explain. It would be very interesting. In the meantime, while you think it over, you might want to peruse Ophelia Benson’s frog-on-a-hotplate abuse of Nazi comparisons – first denying, then justifying, then denying again, then implying conspiracy… This is one of your goons at her very finest –

Ophelia Benson: TAM is like Nazi Germany

This Benson moron can’t even keep a story straight about her own blatherings, yet seeks to cast judgement on others. A moron that’s part of your stable Ed.

The second item is, unbelievably, even more pointless and irritating –

No, Dawkins’ “Dear Muslima” comment was not “seemingly innocent.” It was condescending and dismissive and, yes I’ll say it, irrational. That is not something we’re used to from Dawkins, which is why people were shocked enough by it that most wondered if the comment really came from him or whether it was someone deliberately trying to make Dawkins look bad. But no, he did say it and yes, he did look bad. And deservedly so.

According to who’s narrative Ed? I’m sure Dawkins is mortified by your assessment. But contrary to your denunciation, most folks seem to consider Dawkins’ riposte to the pudgy pink thing as succinct perfection – the act of an elder statesman flicking a cockroach off his plate and then getting on with things that matter.

And the princess’ response? It was to try and set a new world’s record for an epic tantrum – branding Dawkins as just a rich, old white guy that’s well past his use by date, and then calling on her minions to boycott him and all his work. After which she got tanked (surprise!) and decided to Tweet her manipulative genius to the world –


Much like her concocted rape threats, this was yet another instance of fabricated offence for no reason other than blog hits and self-promotion. It is grossly insulting to even consider Watson as part of the same species as Dawkins – let alone piss on him from behind the safety of the FfTB Iron Curtain. Go and repeat your sentiments in some place where you don’t have iron fist editorial control Brayton. Not likely. That would entail having something akin to balls. Despite what anyone else may say, you’re as shameless a fraud and charlatan as Myers.

1 – The attentive would have noticed that Ed Brayton took a leaf out of the Greta Christina televangelism book in December and rattled his beggars cup to have his readership meet the medical expenses he faced. Unlike the rest of us who maintain dignity and deal with personal problems privately, the clowns at FfTB have no qualms about e-begging as a first resort. This makes these two comments from Facebook oh so amusing –