How CFI deals with criticism under CEO Ronald A. Lindsay

There was I time when I would be surprised by this. That time is long gone.

Funnily enough, I could tweet CFI perfectly well prior to my previous post on it. It is unlikely Lindsay himself is responsible for the block. Judging from the ever growing list of other Twitter users being blocked by @center4inquiry, it is more likely the work of Melody Hensley – has her stench is all over it. It is pertinent to revisit CFI’s official stance on the topic of freeze peach

The Campaign for Free Expression is an initiative of the Center for Inquiry (CFI) to focus attention and efforts on one of the most basic and foundational human rights: the freedom to speak. […]

For many in positions of power around the world, this is not enough. While some offer vague platitudes that imply a need to curtail certain forms of sensitive speech, others are far more severe. They seek ironclad global restrictions on what can and cannot be expressed about religion and religious figures, criminalizing on a planetary scale any speech that might offend a religious feeling.

Substitute “religious feeling” with “Watsonology”. It continues –

At the Center for Inquiry, we believe it’s time the global community, we as a species, stand up together and declare that this [suppression of free expression] is unacceptable.

Despite what many would have us believe, the right to freedom of expression is not a luxury valued mainly by Western elites but a widely accepted, foundational principle. Several important international agreements, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, clearly outline that freedom of expression is a universal right possessed by all persons, regardless of geography or nationality.

No person should face social or legal punishment simply for speaking about his or her beliefs in public. And no topic should be off limits—especially religion, which has such an enormous impact on the lives of billions. Part of the freedom of expression is the freedom to inquire—to ask questions and seek answers beyond what is dictated by a religious text or cultural dogma. This freedom is at the core of CFI’s mission. How can we truly have freedom and equality if certain groups of people aren’t allowed to exercise the same rights as their fellow citizens? And how can we as a civilization grow, learn, and prosper if we allow for the suppression—often violent—of minority viewpoints?

The right to freedom of expression is being whittled away, and innocent and peaceful people are every day suffering the consequences.

The aims of the Campaign for Free Expression are to increase public awareness of these threats; discuss and develop plans to fight back, both in the world’s halls of power and at the grassroots; and to demonstrate that people value their right to freedom of expression and are eager to exercise it.

We hope you join us.

What a steaming pile of sanctimonious bollocks.

There are many secular organisations out there that need, and deserve, your support. CFI is no longer one of them – having sold itself in a Faustian bargain to the gender politic hystericists spearheaded by Rebecca Watson and PZ Myers. CFI no longer represents anyone else’s interests.

When Ron Lindsay starts rattling his CFI beggars cup again, which will be very soon, utilise the opportunity to ask him the pointed questions that need to be asked. Aside from what was raised in the previous post, also ask Lindsay why the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry is hemorrhaging financially while he squanders funds endorsing racist and sexist hatemongering such as Women in Secularism


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