Wormtongue – what Adam Lee hates seeing in the mirror

When you look at the whole menagerie of A+, freefromthoughtblogs and Skepchick and the various toilet slaves, snake oil peddlers, shills, frauds and confidence tricksters that squirm around it like maggots in carrion, it is a daunting task to try and determine which is the most obsequious toady of the lot.

I think that title has to belong to Adam Lee / DaylightAtheism though. He’s come from nowhere in the last few months, but with sheer bloody minded determination has made even yay-yap slugs like oolon look like ethical pillars of independent thinking, dignity and self-respect.

Adam’s first claim to fame was the glossy, clinically fact-free, propaganda advertorial he managed to inject into Salon – and leave a sour taste in many people’s mouths that Salon too can be consigned to the pile of online media portals that have “editorial integrity” as a marketing buzzword and not something that they actually waste any time on practising.

Since then, Adam has been a veritable geyser of officially sanctioned mis-/disinformation, outright deception, baseless slander and servile idolatry via his blog, Twitter and whatever other media he has enough access to to poison.

But Adam has really reached for the stars with his most recent exercise in subordinate shit-licking by emulating Staphylococcus Swan and turning to change.org to launch another petition –

Petition: Support Feminism and Diversity in the Secular Community

– with preliminary results showing it to be about as effective as Zwan’s. In 3 days of relentless “sign this!” spamming, it has just managed to break the 1000 signature barrier, so therefore, it is a resounding success and represents the voice of all of the planets billion plus atheists (if you include them buddhists). The fact that actual signatures are watered down in the same manner as the earlier Let’s-lynch-Vacula petition to maybe a third of that total with overenthusiastic repeat signatories and, of course, drive by trolls is overlooked –


Of course these annoying technicalities will get swept under the rug, the petition will be declared a resounding success and there will be much rejoicing and popping of baboon scent glands. The other ugly fact, that this whole petition is little more than a rhetorical Kafka-trap to coerce signatures – or risk being branded a rapist and misogynist of the kind that makes such petitions necessary in the first place – will also get overlooked.

Anyway, there is no need for me to dismantle this new toxic smudge against the godless community any further. That job has already been efficiently and admirably done by Al Stefanelli


No, the part that interested me enough to write was inserted by Adam Lee in what looks almost like an afterthought. It was yet another vacuous parroting of the same vulgar canard to additionally smear Thunderf00t by claiming he had acted like some kind of l33t haxor and compromised the secret FfTB mailing list and raped all of it’s ultra-confidentiality and endangered people’s lives and almost dislodged the earth from it’s orbit when he rudely exited the baboon fold

* If you’re not familiar with Thunderfoot, he’s the person who exploited a security loophole to sneak back onto Freethought Blogs’ private mailing list after he had been kicked off of it, and admitted forwarding e-mails illicitly obtained in this way to third parties. This may be considered a typical example of the quality of people who are actively fighting efforts to promote feminism and diversity in the secular community.

This crock of shit is like a classic movie zombie that will not die. Thunderf00t did no more than any other whistleblower is obligated to do when they witness wholesale institutional corruption. If he committed any crime, it was in making the moron who administers the mailing list look exactly that – a moron, and Thunderf00t, if he had any genuine malice, could have done far, far worse. But of course, never let the truth interfere with the narrative.

I always tend to get a few throbbing veins on my forehead when I hear this slanderous gibberish repeated, but imagine my surprise when in this instance I realised that Adam Lee, in all of his previous purges to delete and ban any contrarian opinion, had neglected to block my Twitter account. Of course, never blink with these clowns, or the opportunity will be lost. I managed to squeeze this response past his barricades, which will no doubt be purged by the time anyone reads this article –

Yes indeed Adam. If you are going to go and smear others for what you imply to be criminal activity, you had better not leave any rotting corpses in full view in your own back yard. In the light of this continued slander, these articles need revisiting –

PZ Myers and Rebecca Watson: Leadership By Example

Why Rebecca Watson Is A Criminal

Former IT Technician Sentenced to Jail for Computer Intrusion

TAMPA, FL—U.S. Attorney Robert E. O’Neill announces that U.S. District Judge Susan C. Bucklew today sentenced Patricia Marie Fowler (age 30, of Palmetto), the former information technology (IT) technician for the Suncoast Community Health Centers (SCHC) located in Ruskin, Florida, to 18 months in federal prison for committing computer intrusions causing damage of at least $17,000. The court also ordered Fowler to pay restitution of $17,243.01 and to be placed on supervised release for three years after serving her sentence of confinement.

Yes, Ms. Fowler is quite severely out of pocket and doing some serious hard time. For doing pretty much the same thing that Becky did at randi.org – it’s a funny old world innit?