“In despair I decided to make this video and I know almost no one will listen.”

— Aly Aly at the conclusion of the video

Well, we’ll see about that. I’m just going to leave your words as they are. They say all that needs saying –


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I have not made an English video for over a year now. There are plenty of reasons for this. Some of which had to do with priorities. I feel that my effort and time would be put to better use if I made videos in Arabic. Also that there is plenty of English content spreading atheistic thought and skeptical thinking brought be to this conclusion. There are is also the fact that the quality of the videos I make would not be very effective in English. There are plenty of high quality content creators making the same points I make in English, while practically none exist in Arabic. Now that I have explained why I don’t make English videos, let me explain why I am making this one. In order to do this I have to draw you a picture of the world as I see it and what my expectations are.

First, I see a world in which it is almost suicidal to profess a lack of belief in a deity. Throughout the world atheists face violence and the prospect of persecution, simply for being found out to be atheists. I see women and gays being burned to death in Africa because of Christian bigotry. I see people like Hamza kashagari, Alber saber, and many more persecuted, and even facing the death penalty for, what can be described as a mild criticism of religion and theocracy. I see a world in which 50 percent of the world human residents, that is our mothers and sisters; have only the right to be killed for the honor of their male relatives. This is how I see the world.

I also see a sizable and affluent atheist population in a small part of the world, mainly in the west. As I read about history and our position in the world during past eras, I see that our position in these societies has improved much. Being an Immigrant to the west and having had the privilege of maturing here, I recognize how truly lucky I am. We live in a place where we can freely organize and pool our resources. We live where we can make a difference with very little risk to our own lives. Recently, we’ve even started to do just that. However, I have watched recently a decent from high hopes and wonderful ideals to a world of pity squabbles and in fighting; all of this, over what I consider trivial issues. I see that empty headed, egotistical, and ridiculous flesh bags have turned, what could be, a support base for non-believers and those fighting theocracy here and abroad; into nothing more than that a bad joke. Women and men, throughout the world, face persecution every day while we have elected to worry about coffee and fake jewelry. I see resources being wasted on nothing.

While I am positive that sexism and misogyny still exist in the atheist community, I cannot help but feel despair at what I see. Instead of thunderfoot videos about Alber saber I see wasted effort of worthless egomaniacs. Instead of matt Dilihunty video on Hamza kashagri and Alyaa Al Magdy, I see a waste of time on defending the absurd. I have in the past done some things, relating to treatment of women, of which I am deeply ashamed. I now strongly believe in the equal standing of women in society and know that there is much to be done. The main reason for this was my letting go of religious doctrine which emphasizes the honor of men and male domination. In other words, it’s because of Dawkins NOT Watson.

So what am I saying? I am only asking whether it is wise. Whether it is wise to use our time and resources on this infighting instead of freeing as many as we can of the chains that shackle most of humanity? Is it wise to divert critical resources that could help people in real trouble? To deal with, what is by all accounts, a minor problem? I think not. Instead of this, why is there not a serious effort to spread our ideas to places like the Middle East? Why, are our resources not spent bringing lawsuits against countries, for clear violations of the human rights of atheists worldwide to ICC? It seems that we are too self involved and lacking in compassion. It seems that Christians care more, about the persecution of one Christian, than we do about countless atheists and freedom seekers who desperately need our help.

At this point I would like to tell you what I expect. Honestly I don’t expect much, I know that most of you don’t care. I know that instead of helping Alber Saber you see fit to waste resources on who asks who out for a coffee and when. I see that you care more about what kind of jewelry is appropriate at conferences instead of Hamza’s life. In despair I decided to make this video and I know almost no one will listen. But this is all I can do, and while this is a sad story it is, in fact, true.