SamizdatI myself create it,
edit it,
censor it,
publish it,
distribute it, and …
get imprisoned for it.

Vladimir Bukovsky

samizdat – System whereby literature suppressed by the Soviet government was clandestinely written, printed, and distributed; also, the literature itself. Samizdat began appearing in the 1950s, first in Moscow and Leningrad, then throughout the Soviet Union. It typically took the form of carbon copies of typewritten sheets that were passed from reader to reader. The subjects included dissident activities, protests addressed to the regime, transcripts of political trials, analyses of socioeconomic and cultural themes, and even pornography. Samizdat disappeared when media outlets independent of the government emerged in the early 1990s.Merriam-Webster Concise Encyclopedia

[Apologies, but this is going to be another rare humour free post. There are some new items coming, looking back on the year that is gone and look forward to the year that will, but they are deferred due to holiday commitments. Have this brief piece in the interim.]

There are few in the godless / skeptic community that would know what samizdat was; even less that would appreciate its importance in keeping hopes and humanity alive during the grand utopian experiment that came eventually to be known as the USSR – which liberated the humble proletariat with a regime of terror, poverty, enslavement and mass murder.

One of the only folks I can say that fully appreciates the phenomenon of Samizdat is Paula Kirby – who, ironically, in a sign of the quagmire we are in – released her own piece of Samizdat in July of last year.

The following thoughts coagulated in my mind in response to a rather innocent question raised behind the gates of woman hating rapists hell, and I thought I should reproduce them here, verbatim, as they summarise my thoughts on the status quo at the close of 2012 and birth of 2013.


BarnOwl wrote:

Why do Greta, Ophelia, Stephanie et al. even care what most ‘Pytters think about their behavior? It’s not as if most of us have any influence on their speaking and writing gigs. We may mock them here and point out their hypocrisy and arrogance, but when has that ever affected their ability to promote themselves or participate in A/S meetings?

They care what we think for the same reasons that the former Soviet bloc cared about Samizdat – they are powerless to stop it or do anything about it, and what we think now propagates itself virally without any effort. It is genuinely grass roots. The resistance to the baboons has reached the stage where it is now fully networked. Various disparate blogs, vlogs and podcasts are now aware of each other’s existence, aware that they are all being attacked by a common enemy. As I have stated several times, it’s kinda like the Arab spring – groups from everywhere that otherwise have little commonality (other than godlessness/skepticism) are now realising that they do have a common goal in resisting the lunacy that is trying to take control of the movements and rule by fiat.

It is very much like the contempt for traditional politicians in much of the West. The politicians may think they control opinion by holding sway over much of the public communication space, but they don’t fool all of the common people who see through their tricks and see them for what they are. The baboons may get published in USAToday, WashPo, Slate, Salon etc., but the Samizdat now has a full head of steam and has permeated everywhere – the common people cannot fail but run across it now. They may control the public narrative, but the people’s narrative is slowly being irrecoverably lost. This is what burns. This is why they care.

Love us or loathe us – we did good. Though we may not get much public credit for undoing the baboon empire, we would not be where we are today were it not for the sustained efforts of the entire ‘pit. I think you can all buy yourselves a well earned beer and have a few moments self-satisfied of smugness.

Once that’s done, it’s back to the grindstone. The job’s only half done.