Benson – still snarlin’

Quite amazing. Ophelia “crazy cunt lady” Benson is an unstoppable machine. Only days after posting the comprehensive study on her linguistic barbarism, she manages to hork up this fur-ball of incoherent snarling in what is pretty much her standard format nowadays, stolen “fair use” quoted text outnumbering her “original” words by ~2:1 (124:72 to be precise in this instance). Here she is spitting and cursing about Saudi plans to electronically monitor the movements of their women, much as privileged westerners track house pets. The article she cites, and others elsewhere, are short on detail as to exactly how the Saudis are going to implement this, but it looks like they are falling short of implanted microchips –

His wife had left the international airport

November 22, 2012 at 4:18 pm Ophelia Benson

Another new wrinkle in the project to make sure that women are kept under ferocious control at all times no matter what – Saudi Arabia has now arranged things so that when a woman leaves Saudi Arabia, her male “guardian” gets a test message saying “Hey! Did you know your slut has crossed the border?”

[block text dump of “Copyright © 2012 AFP. All rights reserved” news item]

This of course is to make sure that they don’t run around naked begging foreigners to fuck them.

No I don’t know what the actual point of the blog post is. There rarely are any in anything the Prune posts any more. This is just mindless, potty-mouthed hissing to keep the hit counter ticking over and absolutely devoid of any constructive or enlightening content. As one embarrassed feminist observer of Benson’s vintage despairingly quipped on a private Facebook discussion in response to this non-enlightening non-post –

I see this repeatedly now on women’s blog posts… there is no point…just the tossed word salad.

And that’s precisely it – copy the bulk of a news item and throw in some snarl language, no value added content whatsoever. Just some condemning soundbites to trigger confirmation bias infused emotion amongst the subnormals that read her and that’s it. Jobs done.

Perhaps there is some kind of stupid assumption on Benson’s behalf that most of us are unaware that the Saudis are a fossilised culture, trapped in Muhammed’s 7th century mindset with all its accompanying brutalism and superstition, and were it not for the discovery of oil, it would still be a state of feuding warlords with an economy based on subsistence dust farming and camel trains trading spices and dates with its wealthier and more civilised northern neighbours. Perhaps Benson’s readers are that stupid – but for the rest of us, the only surprise in the AFP story is that the Saudis weren’t doing this already.

It is interesting to consider where we would be if folks like Benson, Watson, Myers, Zwan etc. were at the forefront of organising the protests against Apartheid that came to a head in the ’80s? Apartheid would quite likely still be there, and they’d have quite lucrative little blog industry decrying its evils, whilst not getting up off their asses unless there’s some subsidised conference circuit booze up to leech from – much as they do now peddling the misogyny hysteria. Social Justice Warrior / slacktivists of the FTB / Skepchick / Atheism+ variety are very big on mindless noise, but non-existent when it comes to taking any kind of constructive action.

And here lies the failure of the brand of nonsense hysteria feminism peddled by the likes of Benson. Not only does it do absolutely NOTHING to aid the plight of women enslaved in these vile islamic shitholes around the planet – it distracts from, and dilutes, the efforts of genuine activists seeking real change, like Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who quite clearly calls out losers like Benson and her ilk as peddlers of a feminism that is a force that protects only white women”. Of course Hirsi Ali is in the “gender traitor” pigeonhole. Need anyone ask? And herein also lies the true crime of Dawkins and Dear Muslima – pointing out so succinctly and deliciously what abject failures self-styled feminist/humanists like Watson and Benson are. Viewed in this light, you can almost smell the fat in their pudgy, pink and entitled asses sizzling – because really, there is no response they can make.