“We’re popular. Really we are. Please believe us.”

The Atheism+ shills are still bombarding the web on any white space that’s available and still conning gullible web-zines and newspapers for free advertorials on the new, improved brand of snake oil. Building a bogus presence that is somehow representative of the greater community out of snappy soundbites and flatulent wind.

Whilst the chumps at these journals may fall for the hogwash by abdicating editorial responsibility, and the laziness of not creating genuine content instead of relying on cheap filler, the unfortunate and very visible reality is that the greater community is now far more capable of spotting cheap confidence tricksters and is refusing to buy into it at all. And the really grim reminders of reality are found in the oddest of places, such as UrbanDictionary

On September 3rd, someone posted an entry, rather accurate if snide, of Atheism+. It took the subnormals at Atheism+ over a month to notice and react in the all to familiar manner –


Postby SushiQ » Wed Oct 10, 2012 12:28 am

Self-explanatory. Go get ’em. ‘Cause that’s non-“non-existent” misogyny.


Better still, put up a REAL definition!

And further on, there is the same old and tired call to arms –

Re: VOTE DOWN this hateful URBAN DICTIONARY entry

Postby captainmjs » Wed Oct 10, 2012 1:33 am

Definitely vote down. We need wide spread vote-down activism on this.

Which was followed by the again old and tired Twitter and blog bombing. And the results a month later? They speak for themselves –

Snapshot November 6, one month after the A+ vote stack call to arms


It can be seen that the baboonketeers did indeed post their own version of a definition based on BlogHog’s euphoric proclamations of victory prior to mania and depression swapping places and her skulking off in a pity flounce. But the results do indeed speak for themselves – especially how closely the down votes for the original entry mirror the up votes for the ideologically correct version. Further instructions from the Atheism+ forums also need to be noted –

Re: VOTE DOWN this hateful URBAN DICTIONARY entry

Postby SubMor » Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:01 am

Worth mentioning that it looks like voting can be done daily. Probably how it has so many votes to begin with.


So even with the cheating, as was readily seen in Stefanny Zwan’s Let’s Lynch Vacula petition, the end result, also like Zwan’s petition, is pretty fucking dismal – so feeble they can’t even meaningfully impact UrbanDictionary’s voting system…

click to embiggen

What is evident is that despite the huffing and puffing and stamping of Birkenstocked feet, Atheism+ shows itself for what it is – a pale shadow of the campus identity politic ghettos of decades past. All noise, zero substance. The graphic I made, half in jest, is yet again proving itself to be a clearer snapshot than the nonsense spewing from the various baboon boards of freefromthoughtblogs, Skepchick and Atheism+ itself. It’s all a charade to mislead the stupid. Thankfully, it seems to be dwindling more and more by the day.

There is a curious side note to all of this. The author of the original, and accurate, definition above – one Oolon_Colluphid. Attentive readers will recognise that nick – it is the same wannabe toilet slave that yaps around the heels of the more noxious of the FfTB entities, and can frequently be found poisoning other blogs with his own special brand of baboon propaganda and disinformation. One should not assume the Oolon was the author – far too much clarity for a start. Rather it was someone’s idea of making a funny, and I think most appropriate.

Oolon is also the same slug that has recently been sighted trying to ingratiate himself with the Slimepit as some kind of voice of reason and moderation between the ‘pit and the A+ professional victim brigade (in between reporting back to his FfTB masters) – with very little success. See Oolon in his true form below – obsequiously grovelling on the A+ forum denying any connection with the UD definition bearing his name –

Hello, I’m oolon

Postby oolon » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:47 pm

Been lurking a little, thought I’d better say hello. I’m a cis white male from the UK, I live in Longparish, UK, near Andover.

I’ve just posted a Halloween story from my childhood, all true, http://www.oolon.co.uk/?p=56 . I would put on the ‘promote your blog’ section but I’d barely call it a blog, I work in IT so writing anything other than dry technical specifications does not come easily to me!

Disclosure, I am a little argumentative, in fact I had second thoughts about joining here since it is meant to be a safe space. So if I’m being annoying on a thread just tell me to shut up and I’ll go away, honest :roll:

On that subject a clarification… I saw there has been a little discussion on the Slymepit and elsewhere that I may be this oolon
-> http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.p … ism%20Plus
I’m not, any more than I was this oolon
-> http://freethoughtblogs.com/greta/2012/ … ying-cunt/

oolon is a common nym, so I’ll only own up to comments that link to oolon.co.uk. Until the trolls copy that too :) Err and yeah – I do post on the Slymepit sometimes – not to hate on anyone, not even the Slymepitters.

Nauseating innit? Here’s an amusing little cartoon snippet of how I view this Oolon thing –