AtheismPlus – synchronised individuality

This is incredibly amusing.

Some weeks ago, the Naked Emperor, coming down with a case of gretachristinitis, trumpeted the addition a co-dependentblogger to the original baboon board – one Chris Clarke who is, apparently, “a phenomenal writer, a true progressive, and a committed environmentalist” – but regardless, Myers’ private little North Korea has been chugging along, business as usual. As a follow-up to Myers’ most recent outburst of demagogue tripe, reader Quawonk deposited this latest dung ball in a comment here

“I do get how uncomfortable it can be to have data accumulate against a proposition which you desperately wanted to be true.”

Gobsmacking as usual. This is not a sudden epiphany of personal revulsion, but just another shallow dig at horrible MRAs – the socially acceptable Jewish substitute for the freefromthoughtblogs Sturmabteilung. Either completely devoid of self-awareness, or conscious of the hypocrisy and simply not caring – end result is still the same. This piece of nonsense can be found at the following link, and it is recommended to read it for yourself prior to proceeding –

Cats, skepticism and MRAs

Done reading? Pretty run-of-the-mill, closed loop feedback from Myers in his protectively cocooned echo chamber isn’t it? Except it isn’t. I have yet to see anyone spot this subtle detail –

Unreal isn’t it? If it weren’t for this minor detail, it reads so closely to the standard of Myers’ usual idiocy that no one notices anything even remotely amiss. Just a few responses from this posted elsewhere –

  • Oh FFS! I just noticed it was not PeeZuss. Fuck me with a wooden spoon!
  • Wow. No shit. I thought that was PeeZee’s when I saw it hours ago! No. I really couldn’t tell the difference…
  • It’s just so hard to tell the baboons apart!

This is the true nature of groupthink – when the message conveyed completely loses all personal idiosyncrasy and is reduced to mindless repetition of dogma that is linguistically impossible to differentiate from one communicator to the next. And that is what communication in AtheismPlus is – the secular equivalent of islamic hadiths and suras. Every thought that is not prohibited from mention is mandatory for eternal repetition.

AtheismPlus – assimilate or destroy.

Addendum – another PZ Myers classic found while looking for another image.