Voltaire’s maxim needs to be updated –

“The only way to comprehend what mathematicians mean by Infinity is to contemplate the extent of PZ Myers hypocrisy.”

Yet again, it is proven no matter how much you scrape the bottom of the baboon barrel, the Naked Emperor will still come up with a new way to astound you. Gore warning for the pussies out there –


Yes, the Naked Emperor actually said that (thanks quawonk)


So what is it Myers? Stage 3 syphilis getting in the spinal fluid? Korsakoff’s syndrome finally catching up? Or have you spent so much time quarantined from conventional reality babbling in your echo chamber that you have lost all capacity for self-reflection?

Could be any and all of the above. But I’ll stick to my original thesis – Myers is just your common garden variety amoral psychopath. He doesn’t really care what he babbles – as long as it’s what the subnormals in his audience want to hear. Consistency, integrity and reality play no role whatsoever. This is a business model – all that matters is that what promotes personal benefit.

PZ Myers – the Glenn Beck of the cultural Marxist left.