“pssst, franc did it…”

Baboons are so giving. Within a day of the Survival Guide post, they have barfed up some perfect examples of exactly how vile they can be when they gather in their echo chamber and start their paranoid whispers about how cruel the world is to them.

The first is merely amusing. The fact that Reddit Atheism+, much like freefromthoughtblogs and skepchick, is being censored with the zeal of a North Korean newspaper is a given and not a surprise to anyone. What is a surprise though (at least to me) is that they found a way to disable the Reddit post “dislike” arrow. I guess clicking the “dislike” arrow on what someone says is a coat of paint away from violent rape at knife point – if you listen to Marcotte and Skeptifem enough it is anyway. So they removed it.

There is a special added bonus with this to boot – now, r/atheism+ can really state that EVERYONE agrees with what they say, and technically, they will be telling the truth. Who says the Naked Emperor can’t teach new tricks? This style of lie-that-isn’t-really-a-lie is his main area of expertise.

The second item is more relevant to the Survival Guide and, for those that thought it may have been a tad paranoid, it is also decidedly more sinister. The following item was posted yesterday on the Atheism+ forums

Re: Let’s reclaim the hashtag.

Postby surreptitious57 » Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:49 pm

SallyStrange wrote:
going to take more than three or four people. The haters are not very numerous, but they are PROLIFIC

Is there anyway you can get personal information on them such as mobile numbers or postal addresses? Rrebecca once managed to trace one and disabled his account and he was no more. If they are only small in number would this be a problem? Is it true that anonymity is causing them to do this? Someone here indicated who they are, so I am wondering why not disable them then if you know this? You cannot be putting up with this forever. Something has got to give. Yes, I know Richard gets hate mail too, and it appaarently does not bother him, but we are not talking about him now, are we? It is absolutely ridiculous that atheists cannot just discuss issues without everything else. We are after all supposed to be rational individuals. Anyway, just wondering.

The thread topic is one bemoaning the fact that, unlike with individual users, there is no capacity within Twitter to be able to censor hashtags or block people from using them. The #atheismplus hashtag when perused is overwhelmingly anti-atheismplus and the baboons are in a frothy rage that they can’t do anything about it. The best response they have thus far is that of denialism – that the hashtag is overrun by “a small handful of haters”. To quote one of the leading Sisters of the Perpetually Oppressed, the strange SallyStrange1

The haters are not very numerous, but they are PROLIFIC

Again, this is a cry for help. It must be exquisitely painful to see a backlash of this magnitude against the one true way of atheism+, and a quick browse of #atheismplus makes it pretty clear that it’s much, much more than just “a small handful of haters”. But I digress. The important part is the bolded red. And if you scroll back in the thread, you can see that the focus of the hatred in this instance, and the next mark targeted for personal destruction, is the wonderful WoolyBumblebee.

PZ Myers addresses the assembled faithful

The immediate question is why? Why would anyone need WoolyBumblebee’s phone numbers and physical address details? What use is there for this information if it’s regarding disagreement in the online sphere?

In truth, there is no reason – other than if one were wanting to extend the abuse and intimidation that has been directed against WB thus far online into the real world – and start prank calling her, sending her feces and unordered pizzas by the dozen, or contacting her employer to trash her character and get her fired. The same routine that has already been played out against others with sickening frequency. Social Justice Warriors? Jacobins more like it.

In fact, the previous replay of this sickening lynch mob behaviour against a visible target occurred only a few weeks ago against the similarly wonderful girlwriteswhat. In that instance, persons unknown had launched spurious Youtube DMCA notices against GWW in an effort extract personal phone and address details.

That these attacks happened to coincide with GWW’s recent run in with the subnormals of freefromthoughtblogs are more than slightly suspicious – but a lot more smoke comes from the gun in light of the furious denials of guilt from FfTB, notably Cristina Rad, who’s set a new land speed record for her change from independent clear mind to goosestepping FfTB groupthinker. You can almost smell burned out tyres.

The baboons, however, messed with the wrong lady. She stared them down, instigated her own legal action with Youtube and, in a testament to how pissed off the greater community is at these vermin that have now collected under the Atheism+ flag, soon had a fighting fund of pledged donations to bite back, and then some, against any number of such treats. The complaints were meekly withdrawn and the instigators slunk back to their sewers, identities unknown.

So, even those as obtuse as Atheism+ are capable of learning lessons. False DMCAs against WoolyBumblee don’t seem to have been considered, but that hasn’t stopped them from pooling resources to try and find other ways. The masses demand a head on a stake.

These are just a couple of recent examples of the kind of filth these “freethinkers” of Atheism+, freefromthoughtblogs and Skepchick are prepared to use in order to silence and personally destroy critics. The Survival Guide I wrote is quite serious, and if you are going to be engaging any of these morons at a level that is beyond simply browsing, you would do well to consider it’s suggestions seriously.

But this is how far the movement has been dragged into the gutter. Long gone are the nice days when the godless were a fraternity of like minds and mutual trust and respect. All that has been pissed on and ruined. For that you can directly blame PZ Myers and Rebecca Watson, and their chain of obsequious hench(wo)men. They are the ones that have poisoned the well. That have created this toxic atmosphere where simple concepts like “trust”, “friendship” and “brother/sisterhood” are no longer given freely. The movement has become so noxious now that the only safe way to deal with new people you may meet is to assume they are your enemy, and may want to destroy you on a whim, until the point there is very clear evidence otherwise.

Thank you Freethoughtblogs. Thank you Skepchick. Thank you Atheism+. Collectively, you have trashed a movement I once had hope in.

1 – Oh, Sally, you are just so precious. This still makes me laugh –

For all your holier-than-thou and accusatory fingerpointing, you’re just a common petty thief. Defrauding your welfare system doesn’t bother me a bit – but stealing from it and being stupid enough to broadcast your plans all over twitter tells me you should be prohibited from even being in the same room as a computer forever. On the bright side, at least we know you won’t be breeding.

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