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Addendum – Baboon reality engineering at work


Yes, she says this with a straight face and expects you to believe it. Jen is suffering from gretachristinitis. So very, very busy. Carrier’s master race rant was published 0n August 20, 2012 at 12:25 pm. It’s taken Jen a week to find “time” to read it.


Indeed. I somehow find that hard to digest. Carrier set off somewhat of a baboon panic. It was not due to his sentiment – it was due to the fact that he expressed that sentiment, representative of the actual aims of Skepchick and freefromthoughtblogs now incorporated under the brand of AtheismPlus, so candidly and unambiguously.

For once, Blog Hog was stuck for words. Really, there is no out here for Carrier’s words because they reflect the actual objectives of the baboon collective. No way to weasel out of it. So we get this lameness. The baboon backchannel discussions must be fascinating right now – “do we throw him under a bus or not?”