Pretty much sums it all up –

Where PZ Myers, the baboon board, and serial pig Chrys Stevenson has brought us, with slander so substantial that WordPress removed it. Did warn them about scattergun smearing.

I feel so proud. Atheism. Just like the right-to-life lobby.

Be a Freethinker, not an atheist. Resist. The baboons are baboons. They soil themselves at every move.They re-edit history so freely there are no reliable links.

Slandering the innocent sums up freefromthoughtblogs. Whores and destitutes. I have not been around. Just popping in to wish you all a better new year than the one past. And for anyone that has ever trusted Chrys Stevenson, to say nyah nyah. Really. You should know better. Sorry you’ve been stung. Assume the worst.