Typical of blogs that don't want discussion, only agreement.

It was a matter of time and not entirely unexpected. The baboon board lynch mob has finally arrived and are baying for blood. There were a couple of dozen in the queue before me, and my number finally came up. So many lynchings, so little time…

I think I am supposed to be surprised, spontaneously void my bowels and fall prostrate in terror. In fact, I briefly noted that yes, I did receive their cleverness, and really, they should tell someone who cares. I have otherwise been bound down by too much pre-crassmass nonsense to even consider any more.

The baboon blogs have in the meantime multiplied. Some are from turds like Greg Laden and Rorschach (or whatever else the chickenshit1 calls himself) who you wouldn’t piss on if they were on fire, let alone respond to. The latter is the baboon board’s Chief Censor and led an abortive spurious complaint letter campaign to National Geographic to censor and/or shut down Abbie Smith and ERV. This time around he’s promising to alert the Federal Police. Good-o. Love to hear how you get on.

Others, like The Naked Emperor’s I have simply not had time for. There are some however that are far closer to home and from people you indulged with a partial degree of trust, not quite as much as what they seem to think, but nevertheless, you allowed them into your life to an extent, despite your guts telling you that one day they would turn like vipers. These are the ones that are more important as they have more misinformation at their disposal, and thus a larger paint palette to play with when crafting even deeper distortions.

"I never tell fibs. I used to be in marketing"

Chrys Stevenson, aka Kirsty Vensson and other variants, is such a creature, and my gut feelings are vindicated. Chrys used to be what can only be described as a groupie once upon a time, as any of the folks that abandoned SensitiveLand around the same time I did can readily attest. This was yet another site that surrendered to the ideological derangement of new, new atheism, and it ceased to be a place for open discussion and became a “me too!” fest of gender feminism and neo-puritanism also in the business of finding and lynching scapegoats a la the baboon board. Funnily enough, Chrys used to defend me back then for doing precisely the same things I do now – unmasking charlatans. But back then I was useful. I am no more. Stay tuned, I fully expect Chrys will shortly be rewarded with a guest blog with the baboons. Her integrity can be bought at such a low, low price. Expediency is the first and only commandment.

Chrys pretty much epitomises the precise rot that is ruining the whole godless movement – the idea that “there’s one law for them, and another one for us”. On the one hand, other people are expect to meet extremely high, very rigid and often confusing standards for ethical and moral behaviour. At the same time however, this is coupled with the refusal to apply these same standards demanded of others to one’s own behaviour. This is exceptionalism. But more importantly, when you distill it right down, this what the true essence of hypocrisy is . My true evil lies in rubbing people’s noses in this fact.

I finally sat down to compose a response tonight (after being labeled a coward for not doing so I might add. Apparently I’m “hiding”), completed it, posted and was greeted by that familiar “Your comment is awaiting moderation” response that is universal amongst those with dirty consciences and who don’t want discussion, only agreement. So be it. I have reproduced the whole thing below. It is unlikely to be released, and if it is, it will almost definitely be in a reality corrected version, the way all baboons treat “erroneous” and “irrational material”. Anyway, here it is.

1 – Here you go you cripple. Someone will actually visit your blog. Only feel sorry for you because you’re the most pathetic of a very sorry bunch. More so even than Laden. People *have* to feel pity.


Really have better things to be doing than dealing with lynch mobs, but let’s get something straight up front, as there is an awful lot of creative enhancement going on (see Myers Law) – I am not a different person in any way to that of 3 years ago. Chrys, you used to love me then, because my attentions were focused on people you did not like (e.g. Bart the spammer). I would pick apart their deceptions and get them to expose their true natures in public. You would send me emails like these –

date: Sat, Feb 20, 2010
Bravo. Sometimes I could just hug you Felch, and fully intend to do so in March.

Now that I have moved on, I still focus my attentions on people that behave badly, tell fibs and harm others. But now, my attention is on people who do this that you choose to turn a blind eyed to – like PZ Myers, who does little more than orchestrate lynch mobs nowadays to publicly humiliate those that criticise or laugh at him, and even tries to endanger their livelihoods with very nasty personal attacks1. Now suddenly I am bad because I have been writing about PZ’s bad behaviour. So Chrys, you are emulating Myers here and doing the same thing – and it should be noted, publicly disclosing someone’s personal information without doing the slightest bit of verification (also a very “Myers” thing to do2). I think you are probably being enticed by the offer of a blog on the oxymoron that is “freethought”blogs.com. It is always sad when your bad gut feelings about people turn out to be true.

And this is the nub. We now have a good price estimate for what friendship and confidence is worth to you – for a gold star from teacher you will snitch on the other kids in the class. Not even 30 pieces of silver.

People like you Chrys are the very reason I do not trust anyone online, and always wear a flea collar. And you are also evidence why I am not being paranoid. Roll around with dogs, you get fleas y’know?

As for this issue of me “hating” you Chrys, that is the kind of exaggeration typical of people without clean consciences. I was ambivalent about you, extending benefit of the doubt, even up until a few days ago. Even after you had directly harmed two other friends mine and were working secretly to undermine the Atheist Foundation of Australia in the lead up to the last GAC in Melbourne3. ::shrug:: Chrys, you assumed I hated you because I expressed exasperation at your repeated martyr theatrics on Facebook and said so. Like PZ Myers and his pals, you are totally incapable of differentiating “criticism” from “personal attack”.

As for the people chiming in in your comments section about mean old felch being the reason they left AtheistNexus – as usual, no evidence. There never is. At best, there is the Angie Jackson defense – “It was so horrible I deleted it!!!” These kind of accusations are routine. I know former moderators from there and they were sick of the repeated substance free accusations, in all cases from people I had caught doing something slimy. You shared their opinion.

All of this is why atheism has become a lost cause. It has been overrun by people, like you, who prefer gossip to substance and who want to inject their zero-tolerance-of-the-other personal ideology into it at any cost. Ideologues generally need scapegoats to sacrifice on their altars. I am one of a growing number of such people that get targeted as a result. It’s nauseating, and it’s very sad. The new, new atheism consists mostly of folks like you Chrys – they, like you, only ever behave honourably while you are useful or until a better offer comes along.


Footnote – quite a number of my regular readers have offered the comment to me that this sounds like “a woman spurned”. While I shudder at that thought, it does otherwise reek of revenge for unspecified and imaginary crimes. There is no doubt some evil I inadvertantly committed, breaking some incomprehensible taboo. But, seeing as there are baboons involved, it is also just as likely that there isn’t and she was just bought off after being identified as a like minded and unprincipled harlot for sale.

1 – amongst the things that have happened to dissidents: interference with job interviews, threats to academic/professional employment, imputations of mental illness posted to public profiles, warnings of your danger sent to secular organisations, notifications to protection agencies that your family needs protection from *you*, “blacklisting” and miscellaneous public disinformation such as this blog post etc. Standard McCarthyist operating procedures.


2 – no one really cares when a bloodthirsty mob needs to be satisfied. This is “populism”, not “reason”. They are not interested in consequences or damage, especially to those not involved. Spectacle is all that matters. In fact, if you peruse the villification about me on Myers’ site you will notice the complete absense of any citation or evidence that can be verified. And what little does actually have a link to reality has been deformed beyond any resemblence to reality. This is “Myers Law” – all information gets corrupted for strategic advantage.

3 – Have I ever made an unsupported claim here that doesn’t have verifiable evidence? Please, do I look like Myers?

“Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions”

— Niccolo Machiavelli